Will speak truth nothing but the truth..
|   Mar 02, 2016
Will speak truth nothing but the truth..

Being a mom of 9 year old and 6 year old boy I am kept busy "not by choice but by profession of being a mom". On most of the days there is only one Shrill voice that dominates the entire house hold and that is mine. Both of them are so used to it now that a normal tone goes completely unheard and unattended to . Any work can be got done in a jiffy only by using a high volume voice that has become regular tone for them . I express what most of the moms having children of my sons age group go through. I also cherish for a day which could be all mine , where it would be me and my carefree myself but change my thoughts on retrospect...

The first complaint that comes from most of the moms especially for boys is , " hey my son can't concentrate the moment he has to study either he needs to use the washroom or he feels thirsty , sleepy and what not". This is a common thread for discussion especially amongst the Pre teens moms no matter where they are.If allowed the guys would turn the entire living room into a battlefield . Cricket, soccer, badminton you name it and they have it without any hiccups and hesitation these games could go on and on and on forever.

ipad and tv are the second source of entertainment which can keep them engaged for 24 hours. If the day had 30hours even they would go unnoticed in this mega event . When it comes  to keeping things in place all moms would say "excuse me which alien language are you speaking in what does the word clean mean?????"you go to the kitchen and clear it by that time the living room is a mess and when you clean it and go to the bed room to take a relief breaker the bedroom is a mess , then you curse and yell and clean it , the bathroom is a mess and you go back you see all the rooms are a mess. Cleaning to them means piling up the things from one place to the next . 

Conditionof the notebooks : they too show the battle between the pages and the owner. Most of the pages have missing dates and topic names , bullets and numbers are something which sincerely show their presence in the first 2 or 3 lines and then tend to vanish .. A month old notebook or the text book already looks like a seniors book borrowed for a rivision. The number of times the book needs to be covered or labeled is countless...

How many of you have lost the count of the number of pencils and erasers that went to the school met their end and never came back????Am sure a mini stationary shop can be opened by the end of the 10th grade with the lost property of each child. The promise to keep this one secured for sure and brought back lasts hardly for a day or two and the need for the new one already arises.

Blame game being the favourite of all " mummy do you know teacher punished him today as he did this " , " mom there was no mistake of mine in what happened today there was no fault of mine it all happened due to him and ma'am scolded me unnecessarily", AT home there is no end to this both getting on to the nerves of the mom never ready to accept their mistakes and ever ready to prove the other was the whole and sole cause of the whole issue.

If I continue there would be no end to these innumerable causes ranging from the tiny ones  to the serious ones. Coming back to my feeling of getting a break to run away into my carefree childhood days my yearning to spend a day on facial , pedicure , haircut , luxury to sit all alone on the couch with tv remote under my control and with the freedom to enjoy the entire pizza all by myself without having to share it...  My thoughts comforting myself that all this is due to the insecure social life where we can no more leave the child to play outside our house and expect him to be safe home Inspite of the night that falls by , blame on the nuclear family system which doesn't leave the option for the child to be with the grandparents be the source of their joy in their last days and learn from them the art of caring and sharing. and so on...

No matter how much i wish to be left alone the very thought of freedom also brings back those lovely faces who completely rely on  me and look for my love , care and affection. So no matter what.... to speak the truth and nothing but the truth l would still enjoy being troubled , constantly put under the pressure to yell, to correct and to act insane sometimes as i can never imagine a day without my sweet hearts .... cause i would keep loving  them till my very last breath..

This is the whole and sole reason behind every modern mother's mood swing or low days the unconditional love which has a way higher priority when compared to the day to be left all alone....Hip hip hurray to every mom who knows this secret in depth of her hearts but keeps a " oh my god not again !!!!!!!" feeling on her face by the begunning of the new day....

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