The Art of Gifting
|   Nov 10, 2016
The Art of Gifting

It has been a while since I had written anything in this corner. Come winter season and you will see so many birthday parties around. Is it the birthday season? Not sure, but I have seen so many births during this period. Celebrating Birthdays is like thanking the Almighty who gave a beautiful life and a blessed year, wishing many more to come for our loved ones.

No matter what your age is, a gift wrapped in a lovely gift wrapper excites us, isn’t it? For kids, birthdays are fun and frolic, not to forget about the gifts they receive and the surprise return gifts for their friends. While I was arranging for my son’s 3rd birthday, I spent a lot of time in coming up with the best possible return gifts for the age-group of 3 to 5 yr old. It has always been a challenge for me to pick up a gift even while going to some birthday party. At times, I spent about 45 minutes in a toy store trying to figure out the kind of gift for the birthday girl/boy. You need to keep certain things in mind while gifting.

Here, I will list down a few things that you can include in your upcoming birthday of your child and also a list of gifts that you may present to your friend’s daughter/son on his/her birthday. Everything must come in your budget, so a simple list.

Return gifts:

  1. Pack of 3 or 5 jigsaw puzzles
  2. Drawing book with colour pencils or crayons
  3. Only Wax Crayons, Pastel colour box
  4. Pencil box
  5. Spider-man/Barbie pouches
  6. Play dough
  7. Rubik's cube
  8. Alphabet/Numbers/Flowers/Fruits puzzle boards
  9. Heat resistant mugs (for toddlers to get habituated to sip milk from fancy mugs) these days, you are getting lovely fancy type of mugs for little ones.
  10. Water bottles

All of the above are most useful and harmless. Toys are something which we buy anyways at home almost every week. So why not gift something different.

One thing, you will have to keep in mind is their age. For a 3 year old, if you gift something like stacking cups stuff, the 3 yo will simply throw it because it is not suitable for his age. It is for a 1 yr old. Gift something that excites and makes the toddler inquisitive. Now, here is the list of things that you can present to your friend’s kids of ages between 3-5 yo.

  1. Large set of colours which usually has water colours, pastel colours, crayons and pencils
  2. Building blocks
  3. 48 plus pieces jigsaw puzzles
  4. Rackets for toddlers
  5. Magic Slates
  6. Electronic learning toys like Musical toy tablet
  7. Small chair (believe me, you get the prettiest ones out in the market in the best prices too)
  8. Mini kick scooter


All the toddler toys I mentioned in this article help a toddler in developing creativity and exploring as well. The puzzles improve their eye-hand coordination and motor skills. Those building blocks steer their power of imagination. Art and crafts activity gifts are merely to inspire them to have fun with colours as well to learn the various colours. Electronic toys such as toy tablet to help them learn letters, rhymes in an interactive way. I am now signing off, hoping that the moms would have easy time while buying gifts either to present to someone or while choosing a ‘return gift’ during their most loved one’s birthdays. Happy gifting!!!!








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