What does your management degree teach you while raising 2 kids?
|   Jul 25, 2017
What does your management degree teach you while raising 2 kids?

The art of raising two kids (6 months baby and 5 year old son) at a time is a meticulous job. You never want to waste even a seconds of your time either while you change the diaper or while you prepare food. It’s an art I would say, as it involves lot of dedication, planning, energy and sacrifices. Not all women is an artist, they are being TRAINED to be a successful women. So what are the management lessons to be learnt while performing this art? Let’s figure out how one can turn out their everyday chaos into a systematic routine which enables them to be less yelling and lead a stress free life.

TIME MANAGEMENT AND PLANNING – PRIOR PLANNING helps us to save time, gain energy and peace of mind. I ensure that my son’s lunch box is ready before my baby wakes up so that I can concentrate on her daily routine.

TEAM WORK AND CONFLICT RESOLUTION: Inculcate the habit of team work in your elder kid, say for instance, assisting you while bathing your baby, or setting the table ready to change diapers. Involvement in any activity gradually leads to attachment thereby doesn’t give an opportunity for conflicts when they grow older. This is a mature way of handling things around you with the best possible resource you already have in hand. 

DELEGATION: IDENTIFYING KEY AREAS OF INTEREST in a person is a key aspect to delegation. We must be aware what kind of work to delegate and to whom. Take for example, my husband enjoys putting the baby to sleep rather than giving a hand during bath time. Hence, by end of the day, the baby’s sleep mode is activated / delegated to him. It’s so much of a relief to me :)

PROBLEM SOLVING AND DECISION MAKING: When we are put in a devastating situation, we keep the fingers crossed not knowing on how to proceed further. My baby wants me to be near her and at the same time the clothes in the washing machine are ready to be dried. I solved this issue by introducing a new thought of pulling my baby bed near the terrace and allow herself to see me while I was drying the clothes. DONT STICK TO THE BASICS, GO AN EXTRA MILE.

DISASTER MANAGEMENT: When Plan A doesn’t work out (offering a new food for the baby), keep aside Plan B in active mode. Since, when you really want to prepare the next food which consumes time, the baby might cry out louder (disaster) awaking the sleeping in-laws. Here, disaster management techniques comes for the rescue irrespective of the situation.


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