15 years of experience and people still ask how serious I am at WORK
|   Jan 10, 2017
15 years of experience and people still ask how serious I am at WORK

I was just getting ready for a video call for an interview and my younger daughter woke up. That’s the time when I started thinking - is this interview worth it? My Angelic maid took my girl for a stroll and I was all set for the interview, which was with the GM HR and the MD of the company. After a general chit chat they were amazed at how I had been working for the past 3 years from home and a co-working space as and when needed. And on top of that, their main concern was to know who is going to handle my baby. When I told them that I have two, their frowning faces gave me a sense of being OH SO UNIQUE. TWO KIDS. Though the interview was just ok I was bit nervous as my husband was also in the same room and was listening to me and probably judging me. The call dropped and Eureka. It was over. Immediately my husband shared his expected feedback (he was concerned) “ u were not confident and probably sounding nervous”. I gazed at him for a second thinking, YES I m, so what? But to shut him up I told him that Video calls don’t work for me, need face to face interaction…PHEW


The story doesn’t end there. The GM HR called to check what would be my arrangement for my kids etc., how serious I was with my current part time job blah blah blah. I was literally taken aback. Why do I have to answer such silly questions, which are not even pertaining to work? Why can’t she just take references of my current employer and the clients I am working with? She has no idea how devoted I am. I have attended client meetings with my husband holding my infant in the car below the Client’s office and I made time to come down to breastfeed my baby and then joined the meeting again. Clients supported me and so did my husband. What SERIOUSNESS are we talking about? When my older kid had holidays and I had work with no help at home, I took my 6 year old for a meeting and made her sit at the reception with the receptionist (I knew her from past 3 years because of my work. Just to be clear, She wasn’t my friend). The meeting room overlooked the reception - saving grace. Also did an urgent training for a few people on that project and then took her along to a vendor’s office. So what SERIOUSNESS are we really talking about? 


I am as normal as they come. And I work my behind off like one does. And like any other good Event Professional working in Account Management its my job to ideate, plan, execute and chew operation’s head….And I am good at that. Really Good.


So Please Stop judging me coz I am a mom.

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