Oats – Superfoods for Superhealth
|   Sep 30, 2016
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Oats – Superfoods for Superhealth

Once used as livestock feed, oats have been proven to be extremely nutritious for us human being, when used in the form of rolled oats and oatmeal. Originally grown in a wild form, oats were considered to be a secondary crop, grown along with wheat and barley like a weed. However, as the nutritive value of oats became more widely known, oats came to be cultivated as the main crop.

What’s so great about oats?

A grain consists of three parts – the bran, the kernel, and the endosperm. Studies have proven that consuming the whole grain provides wholesome health benefits – good digestion, lowering cholesterol and complete absorption of the vitamins and fiber. A prime example of this is oats.

Oats are generally considered to be healthy because of their high fiber and protein content. But more importantly, oats have been proven to play an important role in lowering the cholesterol (LDL) in the body, reducing the risk of heart diseases. An important ingredient of oats, beta-glucans or soluble fibers is key players in lowering the LDL in the body.

Oats play an important role in helping with losing the extra weight that proves to be harmful to health, in the long run, thanks again to the soluble fiber that helps with lowering LDL.

Quaker Oats – From farm to bowl

For over 130 years, Quaker Oats have proven to supply the oats in their most usable through processes of milling, cutting, steaming and flaking. The products have been perfected over years and processed for delicious and healthy dishes cooked with minimal efforts.

Not only are the oats produced by the Quaker healthy and nutritious, the milling processes are extremely environment-friendly. Hurting the very Mother Nature who provides us with healthy food is not something they believed in. There is the continual search for a process that is better than the current one to not only save the environment but also enhance it.

A touch of oats to your everyday diet

Everyone – from age 1 to 100 – knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Families all over the world have their own breakfast culture, with dishes that are filling and nutritious. What if you could add a touch of extra-health to your breakfast? After all, who doesn’t love something extra and when it reaps great benefits, then who’s to say no to that?

Add a dash of oats – whole, rolled or ground – to your dishes and you find a whole new set of innovative recipes to entertain your palate. Also, oats make not just great additives but they also make great stand-alone recipes. And why stop at breakfast? Oats make great lunch, snack, and dinner dishes.

Tips to add oats to everyday meals

- Grind oats and add them to idli or dosa batter to enrich their nutritive value.

- Instead of having cereal for breakfast, prepare an oatmeal porridge by adding oats to a cup of boiling milk and a spoon of sugar. You can also garnish the porridge with almonds and cashews.

- Prepare an Oats upma by substituting sooji rava with Oats. Spicy and enriched with veggies, this oats upma makes a tasty breakfast.

- Grind a cup of oats and add them to muffin mixes along with chopped fruits for delicious muffins – great snack box recipes for kids.

All in all, oats is a superfood and absolutely suitable for all age groups, for good health, weight loss and preventing heart disease by lowering cholesterol. If you are allergic to gluten, then  Quaker Oats also have a gluten-free version so you are not deprived of the benefits.

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