I wonder, are we really proud of womanhood #InternationalWomensday
|   Mar 09, 2017
I wonder, are we really proud of womanhood #InternationalWomensday

This women's day, I am filled with mixed feelings. Are we women proud of being a 'woman' and celebrating Women's day happily? After listening to many cases of rapes, abuse, domestic violence of women I don't really feel happy about celebrating Women's day. There are many forward messages circulating in social media that women are strong, compassionate, caring and loving. There are many videos showing the sacrifices a woman makes for her family and society which end with a message to give respect to her. But, as we already know that the majority of the woman population are being judged and questioned for their dress sense and career choices, we know for sure that we are not there yet. Not even nearer to the freedom of dress, career and family choices. Then, what is the need of celebration? 

Yes, we should celebrate for that 20% of women who has the freedom to dress the way they want without being judged, make career choices without any guilt, have their say on when to marry, when to have to kids and whose opinion is respected. 

But, I will be happy to celebrate women's day when every mother feels proud and happy to have a girl child instead of getting afraid of how she can protect her daughter from the society. 

I will be happy if gender equality is not considered as feminism and everyone understand that it important to the society.

I would celebrate if the society stops shaming the rape victims by making them feel guilty.

I wish to celebrate on the day when dowry practice is abolished not only by law but also from people's minds.

I will happily celebrate when a divorced woman walked out of abusive marriage is shown respect for her choice.

I love to celebrate when every woman has freedom to support her parents financially and emotionally the way she supports her spouse and his family.

Until then,

Happy women's day to the lucky 20% of women. 

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