The Learning Curve
|   Mar 01, 2016
The Learning Curve

The only curve that defines a woman‬, is her very own learning curve,‬ drawn from her unique‬ set of experiences‬

This is about the journey I made from a little girl, to who I am today. The things I learned, and the ways in which I grew, and the bits of childhood magic I have retained through it all.

As a little girl, I was obedient because I believed my parents knew best and had my best interest at heart. I trusted their wisdom and their judgement. I believed they would help me make the right choices so I could bring out the best in myself. I did my best to follow their advice.

But as I entered my late teens, I started to develop a personality of my own. There were times I did not agree with my parents. I wrestled with the choices I had to make. Should I follow my own judgement, or defer to my parents. I was scared. But the voices in my head, that wanted me to establish my own identity, were getting louder and bolder. At some point, I was finally ready to assert myself. It was a troubling time of transition for them and for me. I was full of doubt and insecurities.

Over the years the doubts have ebbed, as many of my choices worked out. Not always in the way I expected them to, but that too has taught me a lot. And when I failed, I learned to get back in the saddle, or learned from my experiences to make better choices.

Slowly I began to see that failure did not have to be devastating. With that came a kernel of real confidence. I learned to trust myself and my choices, not because I would always make the right choices, but because even if they were the wrong choices they would not be the end of my world. I could recover from them. So the important thing was to make the choice that seemed best, given all the information I had at that time, and then que sera sera ...

After following my heart and being a physicist for 10 years, whilst I got my Ph. D and worked as a postdoctoral researcher, I became a SAHM. Then, at some point, I started writing children's books, blog posts and articles. The #WomanInMe learned that the choices I make are not quite as final and binding, as they may seem at that time.

When I was little, I went to a girls school, and got tongue tied when faced with boys. Then, most unexpectedly, at the age of 18, I met a guy, I had no trouble talking to. I chattered away the first time we met and we talked for hours everyday on the phone during a 6 year long distance relationship. Today he is the papa of my 2 little girls. He is a major contributor to the confidence and happiness the #WomanInMe enjoys.

As a little girl wanted to be a famous scientist and a famous writer. I managed to become a scientist and a writer. Not famous of course. But the #WomanInMe realizes that pursuing science and writing is what makes me happy. The famous part, if ever I get there, will be a pleasant bonus :) But in any case, I can still enjoy the writing and the science.

As a little girl I loved ice-cream, chocolates and soap bubbles. Well, I still do. And who better to share these interests with, than my 2 daughters. We eat ice-creams and chocolates together in a fun messy way, so we get those cute, colorful mustaches and sometimes a matching beard too. It is pure joy watching the babies run after the soap bubbles I blow. The younger one squeals with glee when she catches them. Then the #WomanInMe reminisces, the little girl I was, and sees that life has come full circle.

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