Agony of a SAHM
|   Jul 26, 2017
Agony of a SAHM

Lately, I have realized that Stay at home Mom is not a very good idea. Recently, there was much uproar on Mira Rajput's comment on working mothers. If you take a decision not to work for your child just to take care of him/her people start feeling that you are not ambitious, a laid back attitude is what adds to your personality trait which sometimes make you feel really very bad. But I feel being a mother if you took a decision for your child then no one has the right to make you feel apologetic.

Afterall, being a mother gives you a job which is 24*7. You are all the time on your toes to serve your Master. And in return what you get is unconditional love which is enough for a human being. Your child should be your first and foremost responsibility. Everything comes later. A mother is also born the day her is born. She produces a human being which is so magical in this universe.

So mothers ! never feel apologetic for the decision you have taken for your child. Because he/she will be yours for the lifetime and you should not regret once your responsibility of being a mother to an infant/ toddler gets over. Never feel you are alone in this world. Your child becomes your strength, just look into his eyes and there it is, your whole world.

कुछ तो लोग कहेंगे, लोगों का काम है कहना, इन बेकार की बातों में, कहीं बीत न जाये यह प्यारे से पल |

So moms just enjoy your motherhood and stop thinking as t what people say to you.

I started writing about the agony/ confessions of a SAHM but I did not realize when I went on to the other track !!

First time blogger !!

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