The Art of Self Appreciation
|   Jul 25, 2017
The Art of Self Appreciation

Appreciation, is much needed for a human being who seeks mental peace every now and then. It was one of those important things in my life as I am myself a very peace loving person.

I lost a sense of self confidence in myself when my journey started from being a wife to being a mother. I was being constantly compared to every women on this planet. Then arrived my baby who helped me  gain my lost confidence back. I know I sometimes go wrong in many things being a mother and actually who does not on this earth? The journey was a little difficult for me as I conceived my first baby very soon after marriage. I and my husband had lack of understanding and our relation went through not-so-good phase. Hormonal imbalance, mood swings, morning sickness, nausea etc. started and then it was all topsy-turvy.

After the initial three months were over, I promised to myself and my baby that I would give my baby a happy environment inside as well as outside. I will make him a happy human and will prove that this world is a beautiful place to live in with lots of laughter, smiles, happiness and ‘only good things’.

There I realized that in order to make this a better place for him to live him I myself have to make everything beautiful around me. I started loving myself all over again (I actually surrendered myself to my husband!!) I tried to feel beautiful inside out with those swollen feet, weight gain, hair fall and many other changes one goes through pregnancy.  

Self-Appreciation being one of them. It starts when you start loving yourself. You actually do not care about what people say or do to you. You just enjoy life to the fullest. I realized that at the end of the day I knew that I was pretty good in my job of being a MOM. And yes for surely I can say I have a Happy Child.


So Moms start appreciating yourself. Whatever you are doing is the best for your child.

As the Dove ad says, माँ सही या गलत नहीं होती, माँ सिर्फ माँ होती है


Happy Motherhood !

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