5 Things to remember when you are a mother of a newborn
|   May 16, 2016
5 Things to remember when you are a mother of a newborn

A woman is reborn when she becomes a mother; and as a mother of a new born we need to adapt, to the baby, the people around and to the circumstances. While on this journey, following lessons I learnt might be useful for you-

You need to learn the art of smiling and nodding your head- 

You will need to do that a lot. The barrage of advices that come your way needs to be dealt with. And it should be the last thing that stresses you. 

Agree and move on. Follow your pediatricians advice and have faith in him. Learn to filter out the stuff you have no faith in. No need to wage a war against them even if your over fatigued, post-partum brain asks you to.

Sleep will elude you-

At least for three months; Or for quite a few more months to come. However tired you physically may be, your angel will demand your attention, every hour and you will need to be there. So forget those lullabies you learned, the dim light you installed and the rocking cradle you set up. That will only get you by a couple of hours. However, it gets better eventually.

Breast Feed or Formula Feed-

A baby needs to eat. High five to you if you manage to do it on time for the little one- breast or formula. It is great if you can manage to breast feed, however, if your body does not support you after you have tried implementing everything suggested by the doctor and elders, you are not at fault. Allow yourself a breather and do your best.

Poop - The double edged sword -

That cute little rolly-polly chubby thing will fart and poop. A lot. And while you assume that they are smiling, mostly in the first three months they are passing poop. And when they pass it, the colour , the texture, the quantity would concern you. And if they do not pass it, that would leave you worried too. Either way for the next few months one of your points of worry would originate from your babys poop. Try and stick to your regular routine for feeding your baby. 

Diapers or no diaper -

Disposable diapers are answers to the cries of help of the parents to the newborn. Depending on your babys adaptability, use it. During these sleep deprived days, they come as a boon; provided your baby can tolerate it. A ghar ka nuskha- As far as my experience goes - Coconut oil is the best diaper rash cream one can use. 

The key to battling the crucial six months post baby birth is to listen to your pediatrician, talk it out with your girlfriends and not beating yourself up over anything. Believe in yourself, you are and you always will be doing the best for the little angel you have been blessed with.


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