A Sure Shot Way To Strengthen Your Child’s Immune System
|   Aug 24, 2016
A Sure Shot Way To Strengthen Your Child’s Immune System

Monsoon brings a welcome respite from the summer heat but the change in weather affects children’s immunity and also brings various ailments like cough, cold, viral fever, diarrhea etc.

The time since rain starts pouring in my motherly worries also start pouring in. We mothers are always concerned about our child’s health and want them to stay fit always.

However, I can’t be with my daughter all the time. She has to go to school where she is vulnerable to catch any viral infection or when she plays around with her friends during rainy season in the garden, she can catch up air borne infections. I have to create a protective cover for her which would always protect her 24*7 against all diseases.

My daughter is a swimmer and she doesn’t like to miss a single day of her swimming class irrespective of the weather conditions. Even if it is raining heavily she has to be there for her class. I appreciate her dedication towards the sport but sometimes I used to get worried for her. I was concerned that being in cold water should not affect her health.

I used to think what I could give her apart from a healthy diet that would keep her healthy and fit always.

 So here I shall share a few tips which I follow to build my daughter’s immunity.

1. Most monsoon diseases are waterborne and so I always give boiled water to my daughter during monsoon. I also avoid giving any water based drinks from outside vendors.

2. In order to prevent food poisoning, I always give warm food to my daughter.

3. I make sure I wash all fruits and vegetables thoroughly.

4. A spoonful of Dabur Chyawanprash with a glass of Milk twice daily [RK1] as it is totally ayurvedic formula with no side effects.

5. I make it a point to give fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin C and E regularly as it helps in building immunity and increases resistance against diseases.

I hope these tips helps all the mothers to take proper care of their children during the rainy season. If we know our kids are protected against the diseases we can let them be themselves and enjoy the rains.

Let the rains not dampen their spirits!! Let kids be kids!

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