Chetan Bhagat's "One Indian Girl"
|   Oct 02, 2016
Chetan Bhagat's "One Indian Girl"

Chetan Bhagat’s writing might not a literary marvel but surely grabs the pulse of the Indian reader. I have generally liked his books and so had pre-ordered his latest book “One Indian Girl”. Though the topic is very cliché but I didn’t want to put the book down once I started reading it. So it certainly grabs your attention and interest.

Without exposing the plot, I would discuss the book here as I thought I would want write about the protagonist of the book after reading it. You expect this from Chetan Bhagat as we know he believes in supporting women and acknowledging the importance of women in his life. Whenever he writes a book he always thanks his lady editor, mother and wife for their contribution in framing his career as an author.

I think he has got it almost right in the book when he talks about the Indian Girl. It is so relevant in today’s times. The protagonist is a normal girl who transforms herself from a under confident girl to a strong willed, confident and a very hard working woman at her career front. She is an over achiever where men support her and help her make it big in the corporate. In the book nowhere are the male colleagues jealous of her or are trying to pull her down but rather supporting and encouraging a hard working female and giving her the right opportunities to make her grow in the company. So that is a positive way of bringing in a change in the society and creating and supporting a belief equal work culture. Though the company is not based in India yet I feel this book should help in bringing in a positive change.

However that is not the main plot of the book. The main plot is the personal relationships of this girl and how marriage is a very important factor in an Indian household. It doesn’t matter if you are an over achiever woman what matters is if you are married or not.  Are you marriage material? Actually is it right to even right to use the phrase ‘marriage material”.  Are you fine if you earn more than your man? Are you domesticated? Does career oriented mean not being family oriented and vice-versa? These are the questions that come up while reading this book.

Chetan Bhagat has written this book keeping in mind that it has to be made into a movie and I am sure it will be a better movie than a book. That will surely be a first as generally the book is always better than the movie. However by roping in Kangana Ranaut in the movie as the protagonist, it will surely connect with the Indian women and have a positive impact.

The climax is not predictable and is the best part of the book. The girl doesn’t succumb to society and makes her choice and sticks to it. But what choice does she make? It is not as cliché as the topic and is actually different from the typical endings in our movie based on similar topics. 

I think today's women like to read about strong opiniated women and thus will struck a chord with them. 




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