Happy birthday, Mumma!
|   Feb 08, 2016
Happy birthday, Mumma!

I am feeling extremely overwhelmed as i share a letter that my daughter wrote for me today. First I thought its very personal and i should not put it as a blog post, but on second thoughts i realised that all the mothers on mycity4kids would share the same sentiment when it comes to receiving letters from our children. So here it is...

Dear Mumma,

I Love You. You are so good. I wish you always be a nice mumma like you are now. You have took so much effort to teach me to read and write, so I am thanking you for that. What I say you do that thank you for that. I wish you be happy always and all good things happen to you.

Happy Birthday , Mumma!

When I read this letter, written by my six year old today morning it gave me goosebumps on my body and tears in my eyes. She has just learnt to write and the first time she tries to write something its a letter for me on my birthday. Thank you my darling for all the love you give me, that's all i wish for today and forever.

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