Mom Is Sunshine, But Dad Is Moonlight
|   Nov 28, 2016
Mom Is Sunshine, But Dad Is Moonlight

One Monday afternoon, when my son was resting in peaceful slumber, I recieved a call from a representative from She invited me for a bloggers meet to be organized by Pampers and, and briefed me about the agenda of the meet. The idea was simple - it takes two to make a baby and it takes two to raise a baby. The brief conversation over the phone got me thinking and I couldn't wait for the weekend to arrive, to be a part of this exciting discussion. 

Preparing for the Pampers bloggers meet 

Now, my boy is super clingy and needs either of his parents at all times. But I wanted to attend this meet and taking a toddler would have disturbed the forum. To quell my dilemma, my husband said we would go together, he would drop me at the venue ( Hotel St. Regis, Palladium) and take my son to a nearby indoor play area. I heaved a sigh of relief. 

The day arrives 

On the day of the meet, we did as we had decided, and I stepped in the venue, as a proud wife and mom.  At the venue, I met other mom bloggers from, I could recognize quite a few them, having read their stories on the blog. After a few minutes, the discussion took off. The event began with a brief introduction about Pampers and their new campaign that emphasis it takes two to raise a child. The comperer shared with the audience that a survey was conducted by Neilson in association with Pampers, and it revealed a few unbelievable statistics -   

88% dads believe that baby chores primarily needonly the mom’s involvement

83% dads wish to be more involved in babycare but they don’t know how to, But 97% moms believe that IT TAKES 2 to raise a Happy, Healthy baby

97% doctors believe that the baby needs both his mother and father for optimum development. 

This called for a discussion as every parent has a diverse story and a perspective about the same. 

The dias was then occupied by the expert panelists to express their views. 

The expert panelists Miss Banu Ismail, Psychologist, Child Psychotherapist and Psychoanalyst and Dr. Avinash De sousa, Consultant Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist, began the discussion with pointing out the need for both the parents to be equally involved in raising a baby.  Ms Ismail, beautifully explained that when we insist that a dad has to be involved in baby chores it does not mean that he has to mechanically bottle feed or change the baby's nappy. The involvement builds a strengthened bond between the father and the child. It allows the baby to connect with his other parent. It allows the dad to experience parenthood as closely as a mother does.  Dr. Avinash De Souza, shared his experiences as a dad and how he balanced both work and home because he had his priorities set straight. He pointed out that there is absolutely nothing a dad cannot do, that a mom can, apart from birthing and breastfeeding. Hence, a mother must give him a chance to participate in raising his baby.  Ms. Mandavi Jaiswal, who is a mom blogger, shared her experience when her kids were much younger and her husband actively participated regardless of the look that came from the friends and relatives who thought only moms must do the baby chores.  It was now the turn for mommies and daddies present, to express their views and opinions. Some moms confessed they did not allow their husband to take a front seat, the others appreciated their husband and extended families. 

The happy ending 

What I loved about this discussion was that the daddies present were extremely happy about doing baby chores and didnot think of it as a mom's job at all.  It is not that a mom needs support, or she cannot do it by herself. I am sure as a mom you have discovered strength and capabilities you were unaware of. But when a dad involves himself into baby chores, the whole scenario changes. It gives an opportunity for the baby to receive love from both parents. Both parents have a different way of interaction and hence they stimulate the baby's senses in different ways. It strengthens the marriage and the family as a whole.  I was extremely fortunate to have received an opportunity to attend this event. I was an informative discussion that put forth the view points of moms, dads as well as the doctors.  PS - while I attended this meet, my husband was at the play area with my baby in vicinity. I am not grateful to him because that is what I would have expected from him. Just that I am glad to be a part of a family who does not believe in stereotypes. I am proud of my man who believes it takes two.  #ittakes2

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