Teddy Bear Teddy Bear Off To School
|   Feb 28, 2017
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Teddy Bear Teddy Bear Off To School

I have been a teacher for years before I became a mom. After I donned motherhood, my son became my favourite and only student.

 As much as I loved being a mom to my kids in school, I could have never imagined then what being a teacher at home would be like. And trust me when I say this it's daunting to say the least.

 As my son is now about to turn two, I find myself scrutinising different schools to decide whether it would make a perfect institution for my child. Education is not a privilege but a necessity and I am adamant, I want to give the best to my son on this front. As I visit different playschools and browse through their websites, I have a checklist to analyse if a particular school has to be shortlisted. Here I list down a few factors I consider before I decide to apply for admission.

  • Location - it is necessary that the play School must be located in the vicinity of our home. This would allow us to spend less time traveling. Also in case of an emergency being able to get to my child at the earliest is of utmost importance.
  • Word Of Mouth - A mom recommends only the best to another mom. It is very important to consider what moms of kids studying in that school have to say about it.
  • Curriculum and structure - different schools have different teaching philosophies. A few are developmental centric the others focus on academics. For me a school that follows Montessori activities and believes in learning by doing would be a preferred choice. (Do ask for the daily activities structure or curriculum when you visit a school for admission)
  • Hygiene and cleanliness- playschools are playrooms for kids and are expected to be messy. However, the conditions of the washrooms and kitchen of the school will give you a clear idea about whether the basic hygiene standards are followed by the school or not. I would also assess whether the caretakers are keeping the kids clean and dry.
  • Teacher to student Ratio: the ratio. Should not exceed 1:10
  • The food served: The first question is would you want the school to provide food or would you want to send food from home. If the food is served in school, what is the quality and taste like.
  • Disciplinary policy: I have given my one hundred percent to keep myself calm and discipline my child in a subtle manner. It is of great significance for me to check if the school follow the same kind of discipline. Corporal punishments and threats are a definite NO. 

While I have a strict Checklist handy to pick a preschool for my son, I am extremely anxious and wee bit scared for the schooling process to begin.  I have already started to prepare myself to be a strong mum and allow my son to explore and grow by himself.

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