Side-effects of being a new mom
|   Jan 19, 2017
Side-effects of being a new mom

Well, I am writing after a long time gap so excuse me if am not in sync (I have lost all my synchronisation these days🤔) I am a mom of a 4 months old beautiful baby boy and life is beautiful. That's one side of the story which covers almost everything (in little). Let's get into the other side of it. Lack of sleep - oh yes..Very much and that little time when you get you end up yourself on Facebook or online shopping. Then after sometime (almost an hour ...You see time flies so soon) when you finally decide to get some sleep, your baby is awake and is full on active..So even if you want him to get back to sleep in your greed to sleep ... then that's a hypothetical situation😵 Minimal connection to the outside world - the day ur little bundle of joy arrives, trust me in coming few months you will start believing that you are no less than an alien to the outside world. The only regular faces you will see is of your husband's (that too when he is back from work and on weekends) and your little angel 👽 Shortcuts - trust me you will be a champ in inventing new shortcuts to everything..Yes ..almost everything..Be it cooking, cleaning or even eating. So forget those days when you were in a habit of elongating everything possible to get it into perfection ...Now shortcuts' is a new way to perfection 😎 Multitasking - although women are natural at multitasking things ...Your real value you will understand during this time of life...You are so natural in getting things done all at once that you might surprise ur husband, ur mom(who has known you since the day u were born) and definitely ur in laws (who always believed u can't do things properly; though in few months they will consider it as a myth🤓) We all know life is not perfect and it will never be ....So why not live in a moment and enjoy the imperfection (easy to say though 😁). 

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