Happy Holidays!
|   Jun 30, 2017
Happy Holidays!

Before my little one arrived I wanted my life to pretty much be about work and travel. Traveling and exploring new cities and countries was not only my break from a mundane life but also my motivation to work harder so I could explore and travel more. I always use to feel my creativity being enhanced with my occasional holidays.

But all of that takes a backseat when you travel with your little one. You no longer take travel as a break or as a means to motivate yourself for life’s everyday challenges but you begin to take it as the best memories you’ll make especially as a family with your latest addition.

Those tiny eyes grow wider with a half open mouth to observe every tiny detail of any place you visit; and it is at that point you realize the beauty in everything created by this universe. Your vacations are replete with special moments be it spending time with grandparents, going for walks, laying in a park or just merely observing an ordinary day just in a location that’s not on home ground.

It truly doesn’t matter how exotic a location should be for that break we call a holiday, for I’m beginning to realize that everyday is a holiday with your little one. Even if its at home in a different room or just on the balcony, your baby makes you realize so much more in the place you are than to book tickets and go elsewhere. Wherever you go will be new territory and with that joy my baby’s half open mouth, gurgling conversation, broad smiles and soft laughter he communicates how beautiful our world is and how there is so much to discover. 

My free unsolicited advice to all hard working mothers out there enjoy everyday and think of your life as on its best holiday thus far. There is no need to look out for that holiday, give your baby a chance to let you re-discover everything around you! And truly cherish every moment with him!

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