Enjoying my favourite season - Winters...with my baby
|   Jan 24, 2017
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Enjoying my favourite season - Winters...with my baby

Winters are undoubtedly my most favourite season of the year. There is something soothing about waking up to a cold, foggy weather, snuggling up under the blanket, sipping hot adrak chai and cuddling with your baby.

However, winter brings with it - dryness! Your hair and skin literally take the worst hit during winters. The cold dry weather strips off the moisture, especially from your skin and leaves it dry, dull, flaky and scratchy.

As mothers, we all know that a baby's skin is way more sensitive as compared to our skin. It is thinner, delicate and likely to lose moisture much faster than our skin. If harsh winters can play havoc with your skin, just imagine what it could do for your baby's skin. The very thought of my baby's delicate skin becoming dull, flaky, patchy and developing red rashes scared the wits out of me. Long before winter arrived, I did loads of research online, spoke to other mommies, spoke to my grandmother and was armed with all tools to combat the skin issues and enjoy winter with my baby.

I am glad to say that everything neatly fell in place and today, while we are in the middle of winter, we have had no skin issues and are happily enjoying the cold. The very first thing to do is to find a suitable moisturizer and cream for your baby. There are plenty of trustworthy brands available in the market. I found my comfort in Johnson's baby. I used both, first on myself and then on my baby and finalized on the Milk range by Johnson's. Next, I had a ready stash of cloth diapers as compared to disposables (I never used disposable diapers as they are too harsh on my baby's skin). Third, I kept all the warm clothes ready, after checking that the fabric is not too rough and will not irritate my baby's skin.

My baby has moderately dry skin during winters so I use lotion all over his body, coconut oil for his diaper area and cream for his face, four times a day. First when he gets up in the morning, then after a bath, then in the evening and lastly after the night bath- before bedtime. For his lips, I use home-made ghee. For the scalp, coconut oil warmed at home. Sweaters and socks, made with love by granny using the softest possible wool completes the deal for us. Another minor detail that I take note of, is feeding him food/water which is lukewarm (and not at room temperature)

We have had absolutely no winter-related skin issues and in fact, I am able to take my baby out for an hour long walk daily in the morning to soak up the wintry sunshine.

And lastly, I follow the 3 step regime for ensuring that my baby gets to sleep well. You can look it up here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qb3dCsBCpNg

I have realized that the key to keeping baby's skin soft, supple and healthy during winters is moisturizing, moisturizing and moisturizing. It is also very important to think "warm" and not "hot". Many of us are guilty of dressing our baby in multiple layers of clothing, many a times overdoing it which results in a rash due to overheating. Thankfully, without any trouble; I have found my comfort zone to keep my baby extremely comfortable and happy during winters. And I am glad because he too can enjoy winters with me without any hindrances.b

How do you guys combat skin issues in winter? Would love to hear some more ideas on the same. Feel free to comment :)

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