Keeping your baby's clothes soft, clean, stain-free and fresh smelling!
|   May 25, 2017
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Keeping your baby's clothes soft, clean, stain-free and fresh smelling!

Your little bundle of joy has just come home and you are over the moon about it! With your new arrival, your responsibilities have tripled and you are trying to cope up with everything new, even while your body is healing itself post-delivery.

You want nothing less than the best for your little one. In the initial days, you run through a number of baby clothes - wash clothes, vests, onesies, mittens, socks, undies and more. Your little one needs to pee and poop often and you are concerned as to how you can keep your baby's skin soft, supple and dry and free from rashes.

 One of the main reasons why new born babies get rashes is also related to their clothes. If clothes are not washed and maintained properly, they can end up harming your baby's skin which is way more delicate than an adult's skin.

 Fortunately, the routine to follow for washing baby clothes is simple. After a lot of tried and tested methods, I personally found the below routine to be the best and I follow it to date.

 I normally do laundry once a day. To ease the process, I follow the below simple routine. Whenever any cloth gets soiled or needs to be washed, I rinse the same thoroughly in flowing water. After that, I soak the cloth in a large tub filled with a baby-friendly detergent solution. (I normally use Rustic Art or Johnson's Baby Laundry Detergent). The rinsing in flowing water ensures that solid waste gets knocked off the clothes. Soaking the clothes in detergent ensures that germs are killed and also there is no odour coming from the soiled clothes.

 Once enough clothes accumulate, I dump the entire tub, with the solution into the washing machine. I then add a little more detergent and run a delicate cycle with hot water.

 This process, combined with drying the clothes in a sunny area; ensures that baby clothes stay soft, clean and fresh smelling. The key here is to choose the right detergent - something that is really mild on the clothes yet at the same time can remove tough stains and keep the clothes free of chemicals.

 For this very reason. my personal favourite is Johnson's Baby Laundry Detergent. It works miracles when it comes to stain removal; smells pleasant and is extremely mild so I don't have to worry about harsh chemicals touching my baby's skin. Also, it washes off easily so there is no residue on clothes.

 Do have a look at why this detergent is a favourite amongst many mothers.


This is the simple routine that I follow for washing my baby's clothes. What about you mommies? Do you do anything that is different? Would love to hear from you on the same.

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