10 Things I'm Sure All Parents Dread
|   Aug 09, 2017
10 Things I'm Sure All Parents Dread

Yes, parenthood is glorious, its the best thing ever, it teaches you so many things about your own self, it makes you explore parts of you that you never knew existed, bla bla bla! We love all the challenges that come with parenthood. Wait, do we? Really? Come on, let us be real. Are we not humans? We all have those days when we want to run to an undisclosed location, away from all responsibilities, at least for a bit. Or, stay put hiding in an invisibility cloak. Better still, bundling the children and spouse together and setting them off, while we hang up our feet with a glass of wine in our hands. Relate? Well, then I'm sure you would also relate to these 10 things that I as a parent dread the most!! Read on-

1. The toddler who doesn't leave you alone even in the bathroom

The earth shatters just when we are in the loo. My loo time is the only "me" time I have and any disruption is seen as a matter of great concern. My husband is not allowed to knock the door at that time, even if he's losing a million dollars. But what do you do with these tiny things who yell their lungs out like you're torturing them by not entertaining them there? Whatever happened to privacy!! :(

2. The impatient maid who wakes up the baby with the call bell

The one reason I have put a knocker instead of a call bell. I wonder why can't my maid, my milkman, my ironman (no no, i was taking about the presswala only) understand that I'm no Spiderman to reach the door in one single leap.  

3. Visitors who come with chocolates and candies for the kids 

I really don't understand these people. Don't they have kids? Don't they know candies in night can give a major sugar rush and just ruin it for me? Or are they smartly taking a revenge for something? Makes me curious!

4. The nature call which comes to your kid exactly when you sit for a meal

Well, I am 200% sure there's some science at play here. I have heard many other parents experience this too. I don't know how does it happen but every single time my elder one sees either of us with our food, especially when we're eating out, it just acts as a laxative for her. And down the drain goes our joy of enjoying a warm meal together. "You must go on dinner dates after baby"- yeah right!! And do what? Take breaks while looking into each other's eyes for the loo trips with the toddler or cleaning up the baby. Hmph!!

5. A mess just after a massive clean up drive

This literally makes me cry tears of blood. Just a few days back we were expecting guests at our place. Our place always looks tornado hit- thanks to the baby and the toddler. My husband and I quickly got to work and cleaned up the mess. After everything looked perfectly organized, we went to change. When we came back, there were paint tubes, colored water and paintbrushes lying all over the living area. My younger one was covered in paint as my elder one had chosen her as her canvas. Do I need to write any further?

6. Watching your favorite TV shows on mute because the baby would wake up

Never in my life had I ever imagined that I'll watch my favorite TV shows on mute. All through this season of Game of Thrones, I have read subtitles. No audio! Thanks to the light sleeper that my younger one is. Ear plugs give me headache so no choice there!  

7. The toddler who loves spilling the beans

At times they just don't leave a single stone unturned to embarrass you. Reminds me of an incidence when a couple was traveling with my father on a train from Kolkata to New Delhi. They had a 5 year old daughter. Her father was cuddling and kissing her to wake her up in the morning. Irritated because she didn't want to wake up, she screamed- stop kissing me like you kiss mamma all the time. No points for guessing that the mom and dad were left red faced with no where to look. The entire coach was laughing and the parents were drowned in embarrassment.  

8. Family and Friends who comment on how you look post parenthood

This one is too annoying. I was discussing this with one of my sisters one day. She's a mother of two too. And I loved what she said should be the response to people who comment about your post parenthood look. She said, " Just look at them in their eyes and say- I am a mom now and this is how i look, just live with it".

9. Babies waking up right in the middle of a steamy session

Don't say it has never happened to you. No matter how well you've planned it, the moment you plan to be a bit intimate, the romance alarm starts ringing in your child's dream and she wakes up! Of course babies don't understand it but isn't the constant crying a big turn off in the middle of a romantic indulgence? God help parents trying to get back on life!!! 

10. That big stack of Holiday Homework that comes more for us than the kids

This hasn't started for us as yet, but I dread it nevertheless. I have seen my parents spending most their free time during our summer holidays displaying their creativity on our projects. None of those projects were ever doable independently for our age. Poor them!! :(

10 things over- but hey I have more!!

  • When your child paints... on the wall
  • When your child explores scissors and gives herself a haircut
  • A school holiday!!
  • Kids who hate waking up on weekdays but are up and running at 6am on holidays
  • Kids who cry the most when you're on a call

And I can go on and on and on.. What's your most dreaded thing as a parent?

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