Do you believe in love at first sight?
|   Apr 12, 2017
Do you believe in love at first sight?

“Whoever loves, loves at first sight.” William Shakespeare, Twelfth Night

I don't have any qualms in admitting that I am an absolute hopeless, insane, crazy romantic at heart. I always knew mine would be an uber- cool romantic story. The one which many of the next generations would tear up listening to. So it happened, one fine day, while I was walking down a street, this man walked up to me, there were fireworks in the sky, he knelt down in front of me and popped 'the question'. What followed? I said yes and our fairytale began.

Well, err...uhh.. No, actually. That was well,  pretty much a lie. Hehehaha! Like any other girl, I have had my own share of - he's so cute to serious crush, to totally in love, to heartache, to love how he treats women to awww he's so good with kids and pets moments. Quite obviously, I lived in a world where everyone was a pure soul, where there were no liars, no cheats and no one who pretends. My favourite quote was "you had me at hello". While I was happily living my dream inside the bubble, life happened. I realized people and relationships aren't always as rosy as the books and films say. And every rose comes with it's own share of thorns. But amidst all this wisdom that I was acquiring, a corner of my heart still believed that there will come a day when fairytales come true. When my heart will pump so fast that I'll lose my breath, my eyes will flutter so much that my sight will  blur yet the world will look more beautiful, my hands will tremble, my lips mumble, there'll be breeze in my hair and my mind will go numb as I'll gaze into those eyes and feel that's the one who's mine.

Quite literally so, went my first date with my now husband of over six years. We had spoken for a week before we met. He had flown down to my city to meet me. He came to pick me from my home, dressed in black denims and a tucked in round neck blue t-shirt (total fashion disaster!), while I was wearing a fine georgette kurta-churidaar with light zari work (and sweating away to glory-thanks to the scorching heat of May).  As I walked towards the car, my face had anxiety written all over it. But the moment my eyes met his, the entire world came to a standstill. That infectious smile that he gave was just too reassuring that with him by my side life would always be full of sunshine. We drove to a cafe. As soon as we sat down, without wasting much time, without any of the melodrama that I had always dreamt of, true to his nature, he simply asked- "Will you marry me?". True to my nature, and being the drama I am, I kept him waiting for an answer all day long. Though the smile in his eyes were saying loud and clear that my eyes had already told him that I had fallen for him.

What was it that made us take the big decision as quick as that? How did we decide we were the best that could be? What did we like about each other? Honestly, at the cost of sounding like a fool, I would say- I DON'T KNOW! Something in the universe made me fall and he caught just too well. It might be his simplicity that struck me or the fact that he was so grounded and real. It might be the fact that he is so well read and so well traveled. It might even be the fact that he is so respectful towards everyone in general and so sorted. Or maybe nothing at all. Who knows! The only thing I know is that life never felt so beautiful before as it does with him. There's never a dull moment. We do quarrel, a lot. But the anger often evaporates with a bunch of flowers or a chocolate cake for me. As for him, he isn't allowed to be that angry, you know! It's a freaking dangerous thing, Love at first sight, but if you're lucky enough to pick the signals and commit to the right one, it's the best fairytale that can ever be.

We are now a family of five. With our two lovely daughters and a four legged son- we have experienced love at first sight a total of four times now. :) One day, some day, legends will be told. 

What's your love at first sight story?  

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