MOM- My Own Messiah
|   May 18, 2016
MOM- My Own Messiah

She was lying almost unconscious with pain, her vitals were sinking, she couldn’t open her eyes and all that she could sense was darkness. I needed her and held on to her finger tight. That was the day I was born, that was the day my mother was re-born. That’s mother’s day for me.

She was managing house chores, a husband and a toddler, all by herself in a remote coal field of India. The word managing here refers to washing, cleaning, cooking, managing ration, taking care of a toddler who was running around the house and always up to some mischief and many other things. All those days are mother’s day for me.

Even after going through the horrible pain of delivery, she chose to bring home a companion for me and later another for the two of us. Those two wonderful days when I got my siblings are mother’s day for me.

She nurtured the three of us with utmost care and love, sometimes even strictness. She taught us how to be humble, gentle, grateful and wise. While she invested her 24 hours into us, she only taught us how to be respectful to our father. We took out all our teenage brunt on her and she silently took it all. Those days were mother’s day for me.

When I had to leave home for higher studies, she went silent but did not shed many tears so that I could feel strong. That was mother’s day for me.

The day I got married and was leaving for another city, she cried like a baby who was being separated from her mom. The umbilical cord was cut 22 years back, but she was in denial ever since. The feeling of separation started sinking in her mind only on the day a part of her was leaving. Leaving to be on her own forever. She watched it all helplessly while also feeling happy and content. That was mother’s day for me.

Post- marriage, when I went through each day managing and juggling between things I had never done before, heard before, situations I had never faced before- the only person whose name I took and gained strength from was my mom. I thanked her each time in my heart for making me strong enough to go through all the challenges. Every such day was mother’s day for me.

I have appreciated her more every moment in all my growing years. Seeing her do things effortlessly and expecting nothing in return hasn’t been a perfect example that she has set but I still admire her selflessness. We have been rude to her, taken her for granted more number of times than we’ve blinked our eyes. Sometimes haven’t even bothered to ask her if she has some hidden unfulfilled desires. Basically we’ve only taken from her and never thought of giving back.

Over the years, no matter how much I said I love my mother and can’t do without her, I started meaning it in the true sense only when I became a mother myself.

I was lying in the recovery room after caesarean, in terrible pain, with lots of needles on my body and the only person who came to my mind then, was my mother. Every time one of us was born, she might have gone through the same pain. She might have suffered so much. Then where did she get all her warmth and affection from? The moment I held my daughter in my hands, I had the answer. I didn’t feel the mother’s love in me overnight but gradually the same unconditional love for my child filled my heart. The mother in me was born. And that incredible day when GRATITUDE FOR MY MOTHER was written all over me, was the most incredible mother’s day for me.

So if there’s love, mothers can be celebrated on a designated day… but if there is love and gratitude, every day is truly mother’s day!

Thanks MOM- My Own Messiah, for bringing me to this world and constantly making it beautiful for me since 1988!




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