7 Must do to be a MOMMIE and not MOMBIE
|   Jul 29, 2016
7 Must do to be a MOMMIE and not MOMBIE

A job in a private firm, mother of a two year old, staying in a joint family, travelling and then complimented with a severe headache and then my son at night does not want to come to me because I will make him eat and sleep so he started not just crying but yelling at me – all in all a complete mess, a situation absolutely out of control; and then getting more frustrated, I scolded my toddler and I stopped talking to him. Poor guy came and sat on my lap; could I avoid him and take off my eyes from him, of course not; after all I am a mother, I could become a MOMBIE for few moments but cannot be for long time. I hugged him and then fed him, changed his dress, narrated him a story and finally made him sleep....pheeeewwww. By that time even I was fully exhausted and even I slept.

Isn’t this an incredibly common situation for so many working moms when you are in between an entire mess and all you need is just to be patient for countable moments.

I was angry and what I told to my baby was probably he didn't even understand at all and he just made weird faces.He was cute when I first saw him that way. I was feeling guilty for yelling at him. I kept thinking who is the culprit? Is it not normal that toddlers will be cranky sometimes, so instead of being patient and diverting them, if we as mothers lose our control, I guess we only suffer more; because at the end of the day if our kids cry,  Can you as mothers leave them alone and run away from them or can they just leave us and go away; both these possibilities don’t exist; the more we scold, the more tightly they hug us. It‘s the growing period for kids so they will explore, play around, run and do so many unexpected things and we can’t stop them from doing everything and see them not doing anything; on the other hand we have to be fully excited and enjoy every moment, we have to take interest on them, learn with them, play with them and spend time with them. Only then we can be their best friends.

Then what? Kids, family matters, job, travel – none of these proved to be the culprit. I finally caught hold of the accused and it was my headache which was the reason behind all. 

Our own health becomes both the accused and the victim at the same time; if we are healthy, everything seems so beautiful, life seems to be a celebration but if we are not well then life seems so monotonous, boring and sometimes a punishment. From childhood we have heard the saying – health is wealth; it’s so true.It seems most applicable in this stage of life when we are constantly on a rush, living life on the edge. It is a rat race.

Keeping yourself fit and fine is so important but we realize this only when we suffer first; when you are healthy, when you don’t suffer from any kind of pain, you are cheerful, you can set the priorities right and then work upon it, you can be with your kid the way you and they want you to be. I bet we all know what is good for us and what is not but still we always keep ourselves at last in our priority list. We should not forget that our health (which we always keep at last in our priority list) if not well then all our list goes for a toss.

Here are 7 tips to keep our health fine:

1. Watch your weight but do remember that your body needs complete balanced diet; it needs sugar, salt, fats, proteins, carbs, vitamins and all. Take everything in moderation but seldom stop intake of any of these;

2. At least 10 minutes of freehand exercise or yoga; no excuses please, you can always take out a bare 10 minutes for yourself;

3. Know your body to love your body; no one knows your body better than you, you know what suits you and what not; what weather, what food, what thoughts so according to your suitability, do the things and hence avoid unnecessary health troubles;

4. Don’t be paranoid with anything, it’s ok to be imperfect sometimes; try to ignore few things – if your kid did not finish the entire meal, if kid is not dressed as per you, if he is being cranky… all these situations are utterly usual so don’t take unnecessary stress and don’t be judgmental and predict the entire future;

5. Eat healthy – we all know milk, dry fruits, fruits, green tea, home cooked food are all good for health; don’t rely on packed and fried foods all the time; indulge in those sometimes but not always, before your mind makes you eat something unhealthy, have something healthy, your crave will reduce;

6. For kid’s a simple rule works – if their stomach is full and if they slept well, then rarely any chances are there that they will be cranky; same rule is applicable for us – have something before you become too hungry; don’t keep delaying your food, at regular intervals sit and have something first then again resume your innings. Even you should take 4 meals for sure in a day;

7. Take some time out and go for a ladies day out; shop, eat, gossip and then trust me when you are back home you will be rejuvenated and you and your kid will both be enjoying.

So, be fit, be healthy and be MOMMIE not MOMBIE :-)

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