Celebrating 9 days of divine energy
|   Sep 30, 2016
Celebrating 9 days of divine energy

Thinking of Navratri, and an aroma fills the air, as if there is a different energy taking away our anxiety and spreading the bliss over.

Nights getting cooler and days becoming more beautiful, and everyone so eagerly looking forward to all the festivities approaching while the coming month.

My memory of Navratri is ringing of the temple bells, magical nights of Garba on traditional beats followed by an early morning Aarti of Goddess Amba. I am also a strong believer of all the Navratri rituals that our ancestors have innovated, since it all aims to increase

our energy level which depletes during the rainy season.

I hope everyone agrees that the Solar cycle has a direct or indirect influence on our body & energy levels, and the season of rains is not so friendly to our overall system. Therefore, after experiencing a low energy phase of the rainy season, Navratri rituals trigger a booster into our overall vibration level. Be itfasting on satvik food, dancing on the rhythm, listing to the drum beats, visiting beautiful pandals, or the aroma of prayer rituals.

Fasting during Navratri

Fasting on theright food during 9 days is a detoxification exercise. It not only purifies the body, but also has a calming effect on our mind. The changes are experienced within 3-4 days of fasting, when our overall energy and mental alertness starts increasing.

And once we are in a balanced state, we are automatically getting rid of asuras/negativities like

- Madhu Kaitabh (Cravings and Aversions)

- Mahishasur (Dullness)

- Shumbh Nishumbh (Doubting nature incl. Pride and self doubt)

- Chanda Munda (Unreasonable)

- Dhoomralochan (Not able to see the truth)

"So eventually we are invoking the divine Goddess within."

Rhythm of beats

Dandiya on drum beats or listening to beautiful music at Puja pandals, all have a direct connection to the increasing of energy and overall happiness. Do we ever feel exhausted after a refreshing dance or listening to good music.

Why Ratri (Night)

Night is the time when there are less distractions and hence can be apt for activities that require concentration like prayers, chanting or meditations. During my schooling days too I had best grasping while studying at night. Just trying to relate it with the significance of night.

Wishing everyone to enjoy Navratri at it fullest and have blissful experiences.

Sharing the link to traditional Aarti. It is one of my favourites and is also close to my heart.

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