Travel with our tiny Nomads
|   Sep 24, 2016
Travel with our tiny Nomads

I often dream of the education system, where we have a curriculum dedicated to travel and exploration, as I strongly believe that there is a strong connection of travel to that of our overall evolution process.

The way travel teaches us to become vibrant, sorted and flexible, I doubt any other process could do. 

So let's introspect on what is that we are really looking for while planning vacation with our young ones.

  • Do we often travel for relaxation on a luxury vacation, or we target it around what our kids might enjoy.
  • What is it that our kids really do while in vacation. Do they enjoy long walks and outdoor activities, or they just prefer to be engrossed with gadgets or in Swimming Pool.
  • Being metro kids, have they lost connection with nature.
  • Are they really observant to their surroundings.
  • Are they finding contentment with material possessions even while on travel.

I understand that with every new generation, the perspective changes, and our new generation is undoubtedly hooked to gadgets, however, the exploration of nature can never go out of our DNA.

From my personal experience, I would like to share few instances. While I have been on nature travel with my daughter, we found a Bhojpatra tree (Betula utilis), and she was so fascinated to learn that this tree bark was used to write the books in early days. In another incident, she found a porcupine spike, and till date it is her most prized possession.

So here is what I have learned out of my experience and observations.

  • In order to grow as happy and healthy kids, our kids should be more with natural surroundings. May it be planning in a way, so they are not left with any other option but to explore the nature.
  • We should play and bond more with them while out in nature, as it will built beautiful memories for them.
  • Be in positive communication while you are out I order to make them aware of new surroundings.
  • Make them meet new people from different culture and have them taste different cuisine.
  • Have a flavor of adventure while out with kids.

Wishing all of you to have wonderful experiences and beautiful memories for your next trip. Enjoy your next holiday!!!

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