Pregnancy Weight- A hyped subject? 
|   Mar 01, 2017
Pregnancy Weight- A hyped subject? 

Being pregnant comes with its pros and cons. The biggest concern that I have in my mind is how much weight will I gain and whether I will be able to reduce it all soon. I know, many will retort "That is the last thing you should have in your mind right now." And I agree, but since I am already on a slight heavier side, that thought does come up. Plus seeing some of the girls around me struggling with post-pregnancy weight doesn't help much. A friend started consulting a dietitian to help her reduce 13 kgs that she had gained during and after her pregnancy. Another friend didn't gain much weight during her pregnancy but gained approximately 8 kgs post baby's birth. 

Professionals do say that if you gain approximately 10-15 kgs during your pregnancy that is a good sign. And it is perfectly normal to gain that much weight. Most of them are of the opinion that this weight would be reduced to a good extent if you breastfeed your baby regularly. So whatever you gain depends on a lot on your body type, your body tendency and is rarely totally similar to someone else. But it is a given that eating right, Yoga and walking regularly is more than beneficial in a normal pregnancy.

So is my concern stupid or valid? This question maybe has no answer, some may agree, some may disagree while some would just sigh and say does it really matter? Well yes, it does matter. To a certain extent, it does because at the end of the day it's about your health. And your health does affect baby's well-being. 

I would love to hear opinions of readers on this. While I have discussed this matter with those around me, the maximum response I have got is, "Don't even think about your weight during your pregnancy." Do leave a comment and add some light on this subject. 

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