Promises to a "yet to be born baby"
|   Feb 29, 2016
Promises to a "yet to be born baby"

A few more days and the life will never remain same.. I shall be a mommy in a few days. And now a days I relate everything with children and their upbringing.

#womeninme keeps making promises to the little fluttering creature in my tummy.

So baby, here I am...

I want to promise you that you will never be forced to do things as per others' or set society standards. You need not to learn cooking... You need not to study engineering... Just to satiate our desires but only if your heart asks you to do so. 

If you are a boy, i shall not teach you that crying is a sign of weak (or girls). Because those who know, accept and express their feelings are stronger than those who pretend, manipulate or suppress their emotions.

If you are a girl, I shall never let you ask for favours for being a girl but to treat yourself equal to your peers before you expect them to treat you equally.

If you are a boy, I shall never be ashamed of you for cooking or doing any of the household chores as these things will come handy once you move out. And you will make life easy for someone who would not have to compromise for your shortcomings.

If you are a girl, I shall never ever ask you to look presentable, you are not a thing baby. I am sure you will rock tbe world without those thick layers of make-up.

Either you are a girl or a boy, remember that you are not born to please or impress ANYONE. I have tried hard on it and learnt that people who love you will respect your choices and who dont will keep finding flaws in everything you do. So follow your heart but just make sure that you do not hurt others in the process.

And last but not the least...

Never ever compare yourself with others. Dont let anyone (including me and your papa) compare you with anyone.

Someone will score better than you in exams... Someone will roll more efficiently on the skates... Someone will get a better job... Someone will cook better than you... Someone's home will be more tidy than yours...
Be happy for them ,love... Compliment them genuinely BUT dont compare yourself as there will certainly be a thing or two that no one will do like you. 

It may be as small as making a paper boat or as big as creating a niche for yourself in this world.

I promise, we shall love and appreciate you for that.
Remind me if I ever forget any of these promises.

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