Appreciation.. food for happiness
|   Jun 27, 2016
Appreciation.. food for happiness

I heard there exists a tribe in which if one of the member commits any mistake, the entire tribe surrounds the person and praises him with all the good deeds that he has done in the past. This makes the person accept his mistake and he corrects himself for lifetime. Such a beautiful story that I read and wondered why it doesn't happen in our society. Admonishing a kid over a silly mistake or not appreciating the people around you, can even make the person loose confidence and may stop them from doing anything new. I am sure nobody forgets those days when for the first time we got V.Good from our teacher or when the teacher puts two stars in our books. Everybody loves that small badge that one used to get on becoming monitor in the class or the badge that we used to get when we secure some good rank. Appreciation as a kid was a regular affair. Our parents used to appreciate even the shabby drawings that we used to do. But as we grow, it becomes a rare thing. Ever wondered why?

Once we cross the age of schooling, we start appreciating less. I remember how my mom was suspicious with my marks all the time. Although she used to appreciate, she used to first suspect if the faculty correcting my paper was either drunk or he is not well versed in the subject :D (OK ma, stop laughing on this sentence now :D) Over a period of time, everyone forgets how to appreciate.  Appreciation is not only for kids. Its something with which even our grand parents get happy. The twinkle in my mom's eyes when I say that she has prepared excellent food is the same as the twinkle that I see when I appreciate my baby nieces. Many a times I hear people ask, why should we appreciate? Isn't it understood? well the answer is a big NO. How on earth will the other person understand that you have liked the particular thing that's done? If you are a manager reading this article, appreciate your subordinates, it helps them perform better. If you are a husband reading this article, appreciate your wife and see the twinkle in her eyes.. it will help her do things better and she will feel satisfied for what she has done for you. If you are a wife reading this article, appreciate your husband for everything he does for you he will feel happy doing more. Whoever you are, make sure you appreciate the other.

Over a period of time, we take things for granted. Be it our mom cooking our food or be it the things that spouses do for each other. Nobody does it coz its their responsibility. They do it out of love. If appreciated, it will only increase the love and bonding in the relationships. Otherwise things can start turning bitter. Infidelity in relationships, depression in kids and in elders all are the result of lack of appreciation. When one forget to appreciate those small things in life, sadness creeps in one's life. Although it takes few seconds to appreciate, the effect lasts long. 

Leave in a comment.. lets see how appreciation has helped each one of us :) 

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