Happy father's day.. to my father in heaven
|   Jun 17, 2016
Happy father's day.. to my father in heaven

I love you daddy... I couldn't say this to you when you were here with me.. thanks for the strict father image that you had built. I remember how scared i was of you. But I always loved you from the bottom of my heart. Its been 5 years since you left us but till date, I see you in my dreams. The next day I get up, I wish it comes true, like serials, some day I get to see you on some part of this earth and I will get you back but life is not a serial and how i wish it was one. Thanks to the modern day technology, that I get to see you talk, hear your voice, see you moving around in the house whenever i play the videos of your loving grand daughter. Now that i am married, I don't get to stay in our home very often but whenever i see your photo, I wish you were alive to see the happiness of your family members. From those six years, not even a single moment of my life has passed when i didn't remember you. I wish you read this letter and come running. 

There are so many memories that i still remember. I still remember how you came running home after sharing my 7th standard result. Hearing my excitement, you were scared if anything happens to me and you ran from office that day. Not a small thing for a person who is so sincere with work. The day i fell from cot, although i was semi-unconscious, I could vaguely hear your voice which was filled with fear but i still remember that. I even remember how you scolded me in school when i told you that i lost my pencil box and i even remember your tear filled voice which i heard as soon as i was brought out of the OT when I was operated in my 12th standard. Although you scolded me and didn't talk to me when i took the bike out in a busy road in 12th standard which was against your wish, I only remember the care that you had in it when you asked me not to do so. I remember the day when akka was due and you cried when doctors told that they will have to go with C-Section. Even grandma's friend's were scared of you.. that was a personality you had, but I remember how sensitive you were when it mattered about your loved ones. I still remember the way you banged the table when grandma expired you were in deep pain that day and so am i today. The day i got a good job, the day I got engaged, the day I got married, the day me and your son-in-law achieved something big, were the days I wished you were here. I still remember the day when i fell from bike. I was not worried that I would be hurt, i was scared whether you will scold me that day.. :D I remember how you used to make sure that you do everything on your own, so that your kids don't struggle. Wow.. what a man you were daddy.

I have seen you stand strong like a wall and also crumble like a paper. You and amma taught me to be strong, to be independent, to be a loving and a caring person. The day you left us forever, was the day i felt as the roof of our house as fallen. The only reason why i avoid remembering you is, i end up crying. It doesnt take even few seconds for the liquid in my eyes to start flowing down. I love you a lot daddy.

I dont know if there is afterlife. I dont know what happens after death, I dont know if you are able to see me.. but no matter where ever you are, Happy Fathers Day Daddy.. we all love you a lot.

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