My unmarried mother.. Thank you for everything
|   Jun 28, 2016
My unmarried mother.. Thank you for everything

In college, all we expect is to go on a trip with friends, bunk college and go for movie or have a night out in a friend's house. I am sure everyone feels those days were the best days of one's life which everyone wants to go back to. Of course when there are no responsibilities, those times are said to be the best time or the golden days of life. Nobody wants to get married so soon.. let alone become responsible for a kid and a entire family. This story is of a girl who ended becoming mother in fact its about my second mother before she got married.

I was in 5th standard when this disaster struck our house. Never ever imagined that my grand ma who was all hail and healthy the previous night will be leaving us the next day. Me and my brother had been to a movie and she was waiting for us to return so that she can serve us dinner. I had asked for jalebi the previous day and she had made sure that my grand pa got it the same day. That night me and my brother were served food with that delicious jalebi and we wished her goodnight and went to our respective beds. Only if we knew that it was the last goodnight that we were wishing her, we would have done something. The next day, we were waken up by the cries of my grand pa and my dad and we had a horrible shock of our lives. My mom, who was transferred to another town on duty was also not at home. That sad month passed and then our schools resumed. Now is the arrival of this second mother of mine. I dont know what the people reading this are thinking, I am talking about my sister.. my elder sister infact and she was unmarried :D

My sister was still in her second year of bachelor degree when my grandma expired and it was not easy for my mother to travel to and fro in between two towns and finally the responsibility came on my sister's shoulder. It was not very easy for her. Unlike every college student, even she never knew how to cook or how to take care of the house. I still remember how she prepared jowar roti to my dad, although she never knew how to prepare one. Since she had just started to take care of the house, it used to take time for her to cook food by the time i go to my school. If I was late, i still remember how she used to feed me while i was tying my shoes or she used to tie my shoes while I was gobbling up the food that she had prepared. No matter how difficult it was, she always made sure that I never go to school in empty stomach. Little did I realize the importance of what she was doing then. Poor gal, when she used to ask my help in some of the house chores, I used to snap at her and enjoy my cartoon shows. Now if I think about it, I feel so sorry for what I used to do. If she used to complain about me to mom, I used to make sure that she gets double the scoldings what I get. Wow.. such a terrible child I was :o. But the younger ones are always the brats.. I think we are the born brats :P We get too much love and attention from everyone, we start thinking we are the supreme power :D How many time she got bashed(verbally) from my mom for some silly things of mine or another. No matter I have done all this, she always made sure that I dress up beautifully on some special occasions to school and if there was some competition, she always was the first one to make sure that everything is going smoothly.

There is nothing special for the readers in this article, but its just a story of pure love of my sister towards her brat. She always had the option of not helping me or not to do things for me, but she always chose to do it. Although I took you for granted then, today I am thanking you for everything that you have done for me... This article is dedicated to my sister, to my then unmarried mother who is now married of course :P Love u loads akka :*

Guys, do share your feelings and your experiences either as a elder or the younger sibling.. Its always good to hear the love and hate stories ;)

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