Mom my bestie....
|   Aug 09, 2017
Mom my bestie....

Today my mom's birthday. Now a days whenever I got a chance to relax my most comfy zone is refreshing childhood memories. Due to bringing up in a joint family with granny , grandpa, parents , sibling n cousins etc. Mom was the most silence person in our huge family. I loved to follow her . I can feel her silence. As a girl she's very colorful person with lots of dream. Whenever she used to tell us about her childhood , school days, college days I looked at her exciting bright pretty face . After getting married in our huge family as a first daughter in law she was always perfect in her responsibilities, rituals etc. Carefully she hides her dreams , hobbies (playing guitar , Sports, Studies) . No one asked her to Persues her dream. Whenever she got a chance she used to tell us( me & my big sis) complete your studies & Persues your own dream.She never treat us with typical girly stuffs like she never forced us to getting marry early or buying sarees or jwelleries . She used to encourage us to perticipate in different cultural events , competitive exams etc.I always admire her wishes. She was always encouraged my sister in her studies n dance even I was in my engineering days being a non IT person she always loved to know about my all subjects details. Sometimes now also got surprise to know still she can easily tell me all my semister's subjects details. She is perfect one hand she is great cook, caring & supportive wife , religious, full of patience , jovial and social on the other hand she loves to discuss about different dance events with my sister as she is a dancer & cooperate culture with me. I can feel whenever she used to discuss with us she feel satisfied to fulfill her dreams within her gals. She is a perfect combo of traditional looks & modern sophisticated soul .I can easily share with her everything . I want to be like her a perfect mom, perfect wife & a perfect family .So my son can feel proud of his mom like me . Mom I am really proud of you.

Happy Birthday !!!!

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