Mother is the first teacher to her child, u don't need a degree to prove that !
|   May 08, 2017
Mother is the first teacher to her child, u don't need a degree to prove that !

After years of hardwork, knowledge and experience the day had finally come when Riya was expecting a promotion n all her hardwork paid off ! she was now the HR Manager in a reputed organization. Little did she knew that another good news was waiting for her , days after she got promoted she got to know that she is expecting her first child. Biological cycle n career are always contradictory , always opposite. She had complications althrough out her pregnancy. But heart in heart the thought of handling baby n job scared her. After a lot of discussions with both family n the office management she decided to take a break after the delivery. It was the most difficult decision for her. Slowly the emptiness of job was taken by the baby. But whenever the baby slept Riya felt something left behind. She missed her office , work n most importantly her being independent.

As time passed in absence of in-laws and her mom dad she could not join back to work. N then came the time when people who knew she was a corporate shark started giving her their so called suggestions "why don't u persue B.Ed n become a teacher?" So that you can work, also you can raise your kid in front of your eyes too! 

For a person who had no interest to be a teacher at any point in the life kept thinking that is becoming professional teacher is the only option left when u have kids? For what she thought was every teacher can't be a good mother , but every mother is the best teacher for her kids. Her in-laws regularly advised her to persue B.Ed so that she can work as well , for them it was the only easiest n reputed profession for females. She was absolutely great at corporate world... n again a women who had thousands of dreams , who always thought she could be the next Indra Nooyi or Kiran Majumdar-Shaw surrenders n forgets her dreams to raise her child so that one day her daughter can be the one she always dreamt of becoming.

All I am trying to say is don't choose a profession only because people around you think its a Family-Friendly job but choose it for the right reasons. Every profession demands a certain type of skill n attitude so does teaching wherein you have to not be passionate about it but also have lots of patience to deal with kids of all age groups. 

Give women freedom to choose her career, a profession she thinks she will be able to justify n do great in. Don't judge her by the profession she is into. Support her n then she will be the best in watever she does.

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