Before any big Promise's, I promise you pure air
|   Nov 23, 2016
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Before any big Promise's, I promise you pure air

I happened to travel to the capital of the nation on 3rd of November. Trust me it was inevitable, otherwise even wild horses couldn't have dragged me to the smog covered Delhi.

For once the junk in shops seemed more healthy than dust covered vegetables and fruits the vendors were trying to sell me. I was feeding my toddler with packaged chips and fruit juices. I told myself, Just two days and I could come back home. I remained indoors as much as possible. The air was so thick, as if I was breathing at an altitude. 6th November, I finished my work and rushed back to Ludhiana. My city. My love. Air seemed much cleaner and safe. At Least to my eyes. I was in Oblivion. I ended up discussing my concerns with a friend when she brought to my notice a stark Truth. Something I dreaded to admit.

As per latest reports by WHO, 92% of the world breathes bad air. Other reports say 13 out of the 20 most polluted cities in the world are in India. Delhi consistently ranks as the world’s most polluted city in several researches, including by WHO. Presence of PM 2.5 and 10 are at alarming levels in India; several times higher than the safe recommended limit.* PM (Particulate matter is a mixture of solid particles and liquid droplets in the air which are not visible to the naked eye). While polluted outdoor air is a health hazard, what we don’t realize is that air inside our homes can be more polluted than outside air. Poor ventilation, kitchen smoke, cleaning and aerosol products, VOCs, pet hair and dander etc. all contribute in making indoor air extremely unhealthy. Not just this. Even tier two cities were not completely unaffected. We were shockingly following suit of our metros. I exhausted my mind. Kept on worrying day in and day out. Is this how I am going to give the best to my son? Those bouts of cough and cold were just not a mere coincidence. The air was so unfit for my baby. All the values, facilities, education was moot if I couldn't make sure he has pure air to inhale. Over the few next days google became a friend. Keeping cloves in lemon, onion by bedside, burning camphor. I did it all. But my heart couldn't rest.

I wanted a solution. That is when I came across these advertisements about air purifiers. Could a box inhaling and exhaling air do any good?

But my husband wanted to give it a shot. We shortlisted a few brands and the demo began.

What I as a layman understood was that with a number of features and benefits, an air purifier can be used in a variety of spaces - from your home to your office. These devices purify indoor air to give you pure and fresh air which is favourable for your health & especially beneficial for individuals suffering from allergies and respiratory disorders, as well as for children.

The brand we set our heart on was Dr.Aeroguard by Eureka Forbes. They promised healthiest air in the room. They explained how indoor air is 10x more polluted than outdoor air (As per U.S. EPA). And to top it all. It was a Eureka Forbes product. A household name. But I was adamant not to blindly follow anyone. 

I got the product home. And over consecutive weeks saw the difference. These winters were going easy on my child as compared to last ones. He seemed healthier. No coughing or allergies. I turned it on the moment my cherub decided to stop running around and take a break. For me it was him exhaling the purest air I could provide.

My advice to fellow moms. Give it a try. Almost all the brands are willing to give you a free demo at home. Just few odd minutes and then take your call. I not just bought an air purifier, I bought peace of mind. And so could you.

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