How I combat the menace of air pollution
|   Feb 24, 2017
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How I combat the menace of air pollution

When I used to ponder over air pollution, i never conjured up images of the inside of my home. The images that my mind could relate to this menace was always of factories and traffic jams. But never indoors. Eventually I realised that because we spend so much time indoors — especially in colder weather — keeping the air quality as clean as possible is also important for your health. My research began as to how can I make my house more breathable for my family. And in all this I realised that unfortunately, we bring most of the pollutants indoors ourselves. 1. Cigarette smoke

Experts say that one of the most common indoor air pollutants is cigarette smoke.

The residual gas and particles from cigarette smoke that settle down and cause a major health hazards particularly in rooms with a lot of fabric or carpeting.

2. Household cleaners

This item on the list shocked me. Household cleaning supplies are another common cause of indoor pollution. Harsh chemicals that give off fumes can irritate your nose, mouth and lungs, as well as your skin.These fumes can cause inflammation that can make it more difficult for people with chronic lung conditions to heal from infections. 

The list is endless. We mothers bring in these culprits home. And are delusioned that it is for our best 3. Particles from candles and incense sticks.

4. Craft and office supplies, such as paints.

5. Fumes from dry cleaned garments. 

6. Gas stoves that are not not well ventilated they can increase exposure to nitrogen dioxide (NO2), carbon monoxide and formaldehyde. The air inside our homes is as dangerous or even more at times than the one we inhale outside. Apprehensive yet determined I started doing my bit. 

No one, absolutely no one was allowed to smoke in my house.

I started replacing chemical cleansers with natural ones.

Stores supplying everything Organic became my friend. From fruits and vegetables to cleansers to toiletries. Things that are eco friendly. And help me go green.

Our lifestyle changed. For the good.

Another thing that helped me made sure that the air is my house is the best I could give my family was installing an air purifier. I was convinced of its credibility after the school my son goes to installed them in all their classes. I thought if they could do this for my child then why not me.

Now at least my conscious is clear. That I am doing all that is in my hand to keep my family healthy.

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