Meal planning for infants is easier than you think!! 
|   Jun 29, 2017
Meal planning for infants is easier than you think!! 

My angel was born in October. For the first four months she was exclusively breastfed. Later I had to include formula milk as her weight was not increasing. Though her doctor had suggested no food items till six months of age but still we introduced some fruits when she was five months old on my Mil's suggestion. My daughter is my Mil's heartbeat. She leaves no stone unturned to ensure that my little one develops taste for just everything. Even at this age she daily feeds her granddaughter with an array of fruits, juices and other food items like dal chawal, chenna, boiled vegetables and the list is endless. I got to learn how much patience one requires to feed an infant from my Mil. Hats off to her!! 

Mommies tend to start worrying the moment their child turns 6 months about his/her food habits. I am enlisting below some tips which will help you with meal planning for your tiny tot. 

  • Plan five meals for your little one. These will include breakfast, mid morning meal, lunch, evening snacks and dinner. In morning you can give her wheat or ragi porridge. Both are very easy to prepare. Then at 11 am you can give some fruit such as grated apple, mashed banana or papaya. You can also give some dal stock, vegetable stock or coconut water at this time. Lunch can include khichdi with mashed veggies such as potatoes and carrots. You can feed your little one with some biscuits or chenna in the evening. My daughter loves nice biscuits mixed in some water. I generally make sooji dish for dinner. I make it sweet like seera one day and salty like upma the other day. In between these 5 meals you can give your baby milk. 
  • Your baby should eat everything you eat by his/her first birthday. So try and introduce all kinds of fruits and vegetables. This way your child will develop a taste for everything.
  • Never force your child to eat as it may cause vomiting. If your baby is not eating mashed papaya happily then leave it. Try some other fruit. You can reintroduce mashed papaya after a few days.
  • Lastly feed your baby with lots of love ans patience and not just like a task. You will see the difference between the two things. I have seen my angel eating so happily and easily with my mil because she feeds her with immense love and patience. I wish every child gets a grandmother like my daughter. My angel is indeed blessed. 
  • So mommies out there don't fret or worry go ahead plan some healthy and yummy meals for your baby!! You will love it when you will see your tiny tot relishing different food items!! 

    Please share your experience with infant meal planning in the comments section.

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