Need natural glow and shine? Read on 
|   Jul 01, 2017
Need natural glow and shine? Read on 

Be it a girl in her twenties or a woman in her thirties; all of them need natural glow and shine on their face. Market today is flooded with thousands of products which claim to provide you with natural glow and fairness. Beauty parlours also offer an array of facials. From fruit, gold, diamond to chocolate; they have it all and more. 

I have tried many facial products available nowadays and even spent a bomb on beauty parlours but could not get a long lasting effect. I was looking for something which offers natural glow and shine and that too for a long time. Few months ago I had gone for grocery shopping where the shopkeeper told me about a homemade face pack. His wife had used it for her daughter and it had worked wonders. Though he suggested this face pack for my girlie, I was a little hesitant but on my hubby's insistence I tried it on her and found it to be very useful. Now thrice a week me, my sister in law and my angel use this amazing face pack and get natural glow and shine and that too in just a mater of twenty minutes. 

I am sharing the method to prepare this awesome face pack so that you too can get that natural glow and shine. You would need milk cream, gram flour, turmeric powder, sandalwood powder, grated almond and a strand of saffron.Combine all the items and let the mixture rest for ten minutes. Apply over your face and neck. Wash once it is completely dried. I use it as a body pack for my daughter and remove with baby oil instead of water. Please do a patch test before you use this pack on your face. 

Go ahead try this easy face pack. I am sure it will work wonders for your skin!! 

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