Some good hygiene practices!!
|   Jul 30, 2017
Some good hygiene practices!!

It is very important indeed to maintain proper hygiene when it comes to babies. I remember when my angel was born I requested all the people who came to see her to use sanitizer. Some folks thought I was rude but I was not ready to compromise when it came to my baby's health. Good hygiene is vital if you want your little one to avoid catching infections.

Below noted are some good hygiene practices which will help you a lot.

  1. Wash your hands before and after you prepare food, after you use the washroom, after changing diapers and not to forget after you cough or sneeze. You should lather with soap atleast for 20 seconds. If you are travelling or at a place where washing is not possible then you can use an alcohol based sanitizer.
  2. You should clean your baby's toys on a regular basis as she might catch infection from dirty toys. My daughter has a habit of putting toys in her mouth so I make it a point to keep her toys clean and germ-free.
  3. Feed your little one right away once his/her food has been cooked. Leaving food outside at room temperature can encourage the growth of bacteria. Also you should wash your kitchen surface regularly to avoid spreading of germs.
  4. If your child has infection then please avoid sharing infected towels. 
  5. Wash your baby's bottle in hot soapy water as soon as your little one finishes a feed. You can use a brush if milk is stuck or dried inside the bottle. Rinse the bottle well and allow it to air dry. You should sterlize the bottle in a proper manner to avoid infections.
With little extra care you will be able to make your home germ-free for your tiny tot!! 

Happy Parenting!! :) :)

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