Where did I go wrong??
|   Jun 29, 2017
Where did I go wrong??

Maya was looking out of the window gazing at the blue sky. This was her daily routine..she used to spend hours in her balcony wondering where did I go wrong...Loneliness had become her close companion over the span of few years. 

Maya and Aman had an arrange marriage. In those times marriages were fixed by the elders of the families and the couple did not interact much before marriage. Maya and Aman had a lot of common interests which helped them build a strong bond quite early in marriage. Within two years of marriage they were blessed with a baby boy. Their joy had no limits. Their whole life was surrounded around Karan. Soon after Karan got his little sister Neha. Maya and Aman felt their life was complete with their tiny tots.

Apart from being a wonderful wife Maya was a superb mom as well. As Karan had a weak digestive system she used to work really hard to ensure that her son got proper nutrition. Her daughter Neha needed help with studies. Maya took out time daily from her hectic schedule to teach Neha. It was really tough for her as she was working plus she had to take care of the house but she never complained. Aman understood the responsibility of being a father very well. He left no stone unturned to make sure that his kids got the best; whether it was clothes, toys or education. Aman and Maya curtailed on their needs to save for Karan's and Neha's future.

Time flew..Karan had established a small printing business and was doing well. With blessings of his parents he got married to his girlfriend Shweta. Neha was assisting a renowned fashion designer and her husband Nikhil was working with a pharmaceutical company. Maya and Aman were happy to see their kids settled.

 After few months Aman succumbed to a heart attack. Maya was completely shattered..she could not imagine her life without Aman. Months passed but Maya was not able to cope up with this loss. Her only hope were her kids but unfortunately they did not had anytime for her. Things got worse for her when her own son and daughter forced her to give away her property and jewellery and sent her to an old age home. 

Maya was in a complete shock for many days at the old age home. Her roommates tried talking to her but nothing worked. Everyday she used to sit in the balcony and wondered where did I go wrong??

This is the reality of many aged people. My heart goes out to these parents who sacrificed so much for their kids and in return were sent to an old age home. 

Someone has rightly said “Appreciate your parents. You never know what sacrifices they went through for you.” As children we can never repay the debt we owe to our parents. All our parents need in old age is our love and time. They have worked really hard to give us the best..now it is our turn so that no parent will ever wonder where did I go wrong??

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