Deewali: A Row of Lights or A Ray of Hope! (short story)
|   Oct 10, 2016
Deewali: A Row of Lights or A Ray of Hope! (short story)

Gita was a 28 years old, a well educated, good looking, confident young woman. She had started working in a small organisation but had big plans to move ahead in her career.

However her Parents wanted her to settle down and she had been meeting a few boys as per her Parents wishes for an "arranged marriage" but nothing seem to be clicking. After an year or so she finally agreed to get married to Raman, who was an Interior Designer by profession and based in the same city. The families met and within two months, both of them tied the "sacred knot"

Now, as per the traditions Gita came down to stay with them and made all efforts to get accustomed to the life style of her "now family" She even quit her job as the distance was too much and she thought that initial years she should invest in her marriage especially when she didn't even know the guy that well.Ramans family was equally sweet to Gita, gave them ample space, no strict rules of getting up early or wearing this or that, not going here or late nights ...nothing at all.

Raman was a typical city boy, had a huge friend circle, loved to go out each night clubbing or house parties which went on till wee hours of the morning. Initial one year Gita accompanied him to most of his parties, as she too was excited and curious to meet new people. As time passed by, Raman failed to notice that Gita was not comfortable going out with him to such parties ...reason...even though she was a modern day girl, she was quite grounded as in, she didn't believe in drinking, smoking or use of abusive language even in good humour. There was no one in these parties she could really talk to as women were only interested in was never a priority as all were glued to drinks and dancing or gambling during Deewali season.

Days passed by and Raman and Gita started having constant arguments over their going outs...Gita tried explaining it to Raman that she too wanted to go out but only with him, eg to movies, for quiet dinners and occasionally to malls...Raman agreed to an extent and they did start to go out at times....but then Gita noticed, Raman was never too excited with only her as a company....she was disheartened but still she kept initiating plans as she thought this would be good for their relationship. However, Raman on the other hand, started complaining that he felt trapped and that his "socialising" had taken a back seat and that all his friends made fun of him! Still both of them decided to continue with their relationship because they really had some beautiful memories and Gita always thought that "his friends" were not that big an issue.

Three years passed on and finally Raman and Gita were blessed with a cute little boy-angel and they together named him "Moksh". Life became more hectic for both of them and Gita was totally into raising their only child. Raman too proved to be a good father and by default his going out partying nights were cut down to minimal....and Yes all three of them never lost opportunity to go out for short rounds at night for a quick bite or an ice cream.... It was perfect for Gita, until...

It was the onset of Deewali season and so was the Party season...she had agreed to accompany Raman to a couple of parties and for the rest of the evenings she only insisted that he attended them in full swing, she even arranged for the gifts. At home she was happy to stay with her kid (who was two years old now) and in laws around. Raman attended a few parties and came home very late but then he was so happy and excited like a kid. Gita always wished to see that same excitement in his eyes whenever they went out....but she could only wish.....still, she didn't give keep up the Deewali spirit, Gita asked Raman out for a dinner, just three of them...Raman was not too keen and just said he would try...but Gita kept waiting as clock ticked away from9-10-11p.m. Raman was quite busy at work and hence got late...Gita was slightly upset but she didn't say anything and the two had food and slept off. Next evening, Raman came home unusually early (8:30pm) and started dressing up for another party. Gita was now all the more irritated but still she didn't want to fight in front of their kid, however when Raman poked her why she could not come along, she could not hold it anymore and they both ended up fighting. The only audience their kid was scared of loud volumes and shouts between the two....while Raman abused her saying that she cannot control his life, Gita also accused him that he never had time for his family , it was only FRIENDS for him! Raman didn't stop there and said that his friends were right, he's married a "behenji" and if he had known this before he would have never married her! Gita too shot back at him that he and his friends were a bunch of idiots with only money and no brains and that she was better off without any of them!

Finally Gita went to other room to soothe the kid and put him to sleep....poor kid kept sobbing and finally slept with his hand clinged on to Gitas....she looked at his innocent sleeping face...and immediately went back to Ramans room and reconciled with him, they ordered burgers from mc Donald's and shared the meal.

However that night, Gita couldn't sleep and she started to ponder that was it only for Moksh's sake that she had decided to reconcile with Raman? Would he ever change his priority ? Could he not see that Gita was far more qualified for him or his friends/family, yet she was always humble and put every thing behind her, only for him and his kid....she had always supported him for his social parties even if Moksh was down with high fever or even when she was unwell, still he accused her that she was anti-social and did not how to enjoy such parties .....she too missed being with her friends, but then she had a small kid and like any other mother she too had made quite a few compromises..... Couldn't Raman see all this or he didn't want to...Perhaps, she was mistaken in expecting this realisation from him! Quietly she wiped off her tears and tried to sleep with her only treasure-her son...while Raman slept in the other room oblivious to the turmoil which Gita was going through.

Next morning, it was Dhan-Teras, Gita got up to her normal self, decorated the house and did all the household chores, prepared special dishes for Deewali ....wished her Parents, in-laws, dressed up in bright new clothes she kept herself busy throughout the the evening while Moksh went to spend some time with his grand parents, Gita closed herself in the room.

After an hour or so when she came out she felt better, Not only she had updated her cv but had also spoken to all her friends/colleagues (who always knew that what a brilliant student and an efficient worker she had been). With no hesitation she shared her plans that she wanted to work again....not full time as Moksh and her home would always stay her priority, but any part time job which could keep her busy and away from this monotonous routine. Nothing happened immediately as economy was slow but within a few months Gita caught hold of a few assignments which she could work on while staying at home only.

On personal front, she was normal with Raman and family except ....that she didn't initiate any plans with Raman now.....neither she interfered in his plans....but she initiated plans with her own friends and took along Moksh for regular outings to malls, parks and Friends places.

Time passed on and before she realised it was Deewali season year had passed and she was busy cleaning her back log at work, she had to go to market too to pick up a few lights, Diyas and rangoli kit...she hurriedly went to turn off her laptop when a new mail flashed. She opened it and wow! It was an offer-letter from one of the consultants, who she met a few weeks back! She was as jubilant and excited like a kid and so wanted to share this news with someone. But first she had to finish her market she rushed to the market but market was over crowded because of Deewali Rush and by the time Gita returned, it was almost 9pm. She made her way to her flat when she saw Raman waiting for her outside their house.......He and Moksh both were dressed up in similar fab India kurtas and They both looked so handsome! Politely Raman stretched out his hand and asked Gita out for a Dinner...Just three of them! Gita couldn't believe her ears and before she could say anything little Moksh pulled her kurta and said "mom hurry up, we are going to a new place for dinner!" Gita quickly changed and sat in the car carrying the printout of her job letter.....this was surely going to be the best Deewali of her life!

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