Maternal love , a Class privilege ?
|   Apr 11, 2017
Maternal love , a Class privilege ?

A Mother's love is the most selfless and unconditional one that you can come across in this materialistic world. A mother alone can put her children's​ concern before herself.A mother is a mother and this trait of motherhood is universal irrespective of nationality, caste, colour or class or so I thought. Something happened that made me think otherwise and ponder over my belief .

For the past few weeks, our housemaid was giving us a tough time and so we started looking for another one ( and Boy! it's one hell of a job getting a good maid ). Thankfully after a few lame attempts , we succeeded in getting a decent lady to work for us , but this one came with her share of woes.She had a toddler son to look after and though she had hired a caretaker (shelling out a considerable sum ), sometimes when she took an off , our maid had to resume her motherly duties. On one of those days, she came with her son (a one and a half year old kid), neatly dressed , he was looking fine , just a bit thin . I loved the fact that firstly she fed him and then placing him with his toys , she started working.A few minutes passed and then her baby started getting fidgety , crying for his mom's attention.After a while , he started crawling towards her and that is when I got alarmed . He should have been walking now ( going by his age ), but let alone walking , he couldn't even stand. My heart went out for the poor thing. He managed to draw his mother's attention and she took him in her arms. I immediately asked her the reason behind this and she told me that he was a premature baby and had been weak since then. I told her the risks involved and implored her to get immediate medical assistance . She reassured me that she had taken note of it and already sought medical advice. This made me proud of her , despite her meagre earnings , she had preferred to spend whatever she could on her son and see to it that he gets the best.I was reminded of the fact that a mother's love is above all such petty materialistic concerns . A mother would go hungry for days, if needed , just to make sure that her kid is getting fed.

During the time she worked , she took complete care of her child, checking on her in between , changing his clothes & diaper (she opted for the best quality diaper in the market), feeding him ( best Formula milk ) and attending to all his needs.I was in complete awe of this woman , that despite her tough circumstances , she was leaving no stones unturned in raising her kid.

Few days later, she was unusually late for work and I was wondering the reason for the delay. Just then , my neighbour came and informed, that the maid will arrive late today as she had gone to some other prospective place for work.Now , my neighbour and I have had a tough time with our previous maid and it seemed this one too had started showing her true colours.My neighbour was particularly infuriated and exclaimed in anger , " She wants to raise her kid like a prince , and so , she'll take up more work , ultimately our work will suffer". I was stung by the sarcasm of her tone and immediately retorted , " What's wrong in it if she wants to bring her son up like a prince or a king for that matter, doesn't she has a mother's heart ? or just because she is underprivileged , she can't even dream of such a thing ?". My neighbour apologized for her tone and took back her words. I closed the topic because I saw no point in embarrassing her further.I knew she didn't mean any harm , had just spoken in the heat of the moment.

This episode set me thinking that how hypocritical we are as a society.We aim to work in the best of places and take back huge pay packages , in order to ensure a safe and stable childhood for our kids . But when the same thing is thought by the underprivileged , we turn our noses to it. Being fed on a high dose of Class hierarchy , we just can't digest the fact that someone from the lower strata can even think of social mobility , or providing a secure future for their children .

I feel sorry for all of us who have become so selfish, that we can comfortably ignore the fact, that every human being deserves to dream , strive for and live a life of happiness and dignity.

I'm sorry dear Asha that we overlooked the fact that at the end of the day , you are a mother , like us , simply trying to provide for your child in a just and dignified manner.

Being an optimist , I wish and my heart says that day will surely come when we'll stop judging each other on the basis of their class and instead lend a helping hand to all who need it.

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