6 everyday parenting struggles proving patience is the key
|   Aug 28, 2016
6 everyday parenting struggles proving patience is the key

It is said that life teaches us every lesson in its own way. It tests one to the core and brings out an individual who is perfected and improved in every sense of the word. 

I think this is the practicality of each of our lives. We have our own challenges and problems to deal with. However, when one becomes a parent, no challenge seems as big.

It strengthens you, makes you feel good at the sight of your baby and most of all; it teaches one to be patient and calm.

This holds true for all the situations in life. Let us see how parenthood changes all of us and makes us more patient through the following instances:

1. Your sleep timings become totally erratic and dependent on your child

The first thing that is affected when you become a parent are your sleep patterns. However tired or worn out you may feel, you cannot sleep according to your own will. You need to patiently wait for your baby to sleep, play with her, entertain her, put her off to sleep singing lullabies or reading books alongside till she dozes off. 

2. The work to be done from home becomes a battle for you

Some people might get some office work to be done from home. Either you need to sacrifice your sleep for it and do it efficiently when your child sleeps. Or the other way is to do it as your child is around you trying to press the buttons on your i-pad or laptop and you need to be patient enough to make them understand that you are doing some very important work. Uff! It is always better to sacrifice sleep in such a case.

3. A child does not want to eat what you just made, even though just minutes before she was crying for it.

Making toddlers eat is also very difficult task that needs considerable patience. They have moods changing faster than anything in the world! Some will eat only with the television on, others will roam around while eating and yet others will say all the names of other dishes that they wish to eat except the one you just made.

Not only this, the time taken by them to eat may vary from 1 minute to 1 hour. Depends on your luck!

4. If a child makes a mistake first time, you can be easily patient but what if she does it multiple times?

It becomes so difficult to maintain your patience once your child makes the same mistake again and again. Mistakes can vary from breaking cups, touching switchboards to trying to hop on dad's bike completely unaware of the fact that it can lead to an accident and they are too small right now. You keep on thinking what to do and how to make them understand and in the process, patience is lost. It leads to shouting and slapping. Letting it only remain to expressing anger in mild ways or repeating the "if you do this, this will fall and break" requires patience too.

5. While your child plays with your cosmetics and jewellery when you get ready for a party

This is the hardest time for ladies with toddlers. The child  will ruin herself up with the makeup and you end up gazing them trying to be patient and not scold them.

6. You have an irritating day either at home or in office but still whenever you are with your child, you smile and talk normally

You need to always seem cheerful to your child even if you have just lost your job for reasons unknown to them. It requires a lot of innate strength, patience and lots of wisdom to cope and smile in times of worry. Showing the children only the positivity and not the negativity.

Hence, it is proved from the above day-to-day activities that raising children; especially babies and toddlers; requires a hell lot of patience and can turn even an aggressive person to a calm and patient one.

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