Aiming for a rash-free babyhood
|   Jan 19, 2017
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Aiming for a rash-free babyhood

It was my first pregnancy and all of us are aware about the tensions and excitement that we feel during the first. Everything is researched thoroughly ranging from the clothes, towels, carriers and prams to diapers, pillows, toys and what not! I used to check and recheck that the fabric of the clothes was as soft as possible; there were no buttons on odd places that would hurt my baby and so on and so forth. Advice and suggestions poured in from the experienced lot among friends and family. I used to give them ample importance and still do but in some cases, my thought process gradually changed.

 I encountered many taboos during my pregnancy period and about the baby to be born and one of them was associated with the things that I bought for the baby. One of them was about the “fair” use of diapers. Before my baby was born, I was told to use diapers not so regularly as it is necessary that “the newborn’s butt gets enough air” to keep it dry and rash-free. Because of these suggestions; I had decided or rather promised myself that I would use diapers but not all throughout the day. It might be difficult but I would follow this way in order to keep him safe from any kind of skin problems.

 However, after the birth of my baby (it was a normal delivery); we were asked to give some diapers and baby’s clothes to the doctors. We gave them instantly and for the next two days, my baby wore diapers without much problem if changed at the right time. I felt that something was amiss in the suggestions that I had earlier received. Returning home, I tried to keep my baby without one and it almost became impossible for me to constantly change the plastic sheets and get them washed instantly and washing them myself was a difficult task immediately post-delivery. I felt the pangs of accepting the advice which I felt had been meant in a good intention. But, I feel that with times, things have changed and rather more; in favour of using diapers.

 Earlier; when people did not use diapers in everyday use, they used to have less sophisticated homes with lesser furniture around. There used to be lesser trips outside home either within or outside the city. There was less trips to watch movies in malls or other places where maintaining hygiene is a must! Such things made me more open to making use of diapers more frequently and believe me, it was the best choice that I made at least for the first year of my baby.

 Even my husband could share the load as with these pants the task of diaper changing has gotten really simplified and allow dads to participate. Being in a nuclear family, it made my other jobs easier and more relaxed. I could focus on my work without much stress that the baby would make something dirty. Also, other people used to pick him up without being conscious about his making their clothes dirty or an unpleasant site.

 I had also made a thorough research on which brand to choose because of the same issue. I had confirmed and reconfirmed from my friends and family to be absolutely sure that I do not end up seeing those red marks on the soft skin of my baby. Finally, I chose the Pampers Premium Care Pants for its soft protective cuffs and waistband that protected the skin of my baby from any rashes. They are also easy to make the baby wear and it has a protective baby lotion in it to avoid any infection. I made sure about the following things when I used diapers for my baby:

o   Constantly check the diaper for its wetness indicator which turns from yellow to blue once the diaper is full.

o   Change the diaper at the right time.

o   Extend the cuffs properly to avoid rashes on the edges of the baby’s skin.


So, it turned out to be a boon for me in every way while I worked, traveled and cooked without any hassle. It is also recommended by many health experts and provides superior skin protection to the baby.


Kudos to Pampers and a hassle-free experience!


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