Darling Daughters: lifelines to unite families
|   Sep 25, 2016
Darling Daughters: lifelines to unite families

The birth of a girl unfortunately signifies a row of discomfort and engulfing sadness in many parts of this world even today. I am here to talk about a significant side of being a daughter that is seldom thought or discussed about.

Not many people openly talk about the families who value daughters more than or equal to the sons of the family. Daughters are their darlings and they are given the privilege to take their own decisions, do whatever they wish to do in their professional and personal lives. They are the precious princesses of doting families, proving that this world does have a silver lining to its grey clouds.

The problem is that wherever one looks, the vast majority talks about the prejudices that exist against the females across the world. The word "patriarchy" is engraved in our society and discourse to such an extent that women around the world feel the pressures: emotional, social or just because they are termed as the "weaker" sex. They are not shown the brighter sides and the beauty of being girls and more importantly, women. Many a times, they are told that a brother is a must for them to marry. Dowry, property rights not being given to them and various marital customs and rituals project a negative side to their being the daughters and thus, a burden on their own parents.

It is very true that a son and a daughter are similar and they should be looked upon as equals. However, according to me, the difference is that a daughter can take the place of a son and fill the gap but a son can never do the opposite. This feeling is also the result of the social and cultural structure of most of the societies. 

A daughter is married off and has to go to another house but yet that chord and connection with the family never breaks away. The daughter becomes more and more close to them even though living apart, as she passes through the various stages of becoming a daughter-in-law, a wife and a mother. 

On the other hand, in most families, as the son grows up, he is expected to look after the family and while he does so financially and tries to cater to every kind of need of his parents, the emotional connection does decrease with time. This happens even though he lives with his own parents. Once he gets married, he has to offer time to his own family, becomes busy with them and even though unintentionally, he becomes farther from his own parents who tend to either hide their feelings or prefer to share them with their daughter, who seems to be closer to them. 

It is not necessary to compare between sons and daughters. In fact, it should not be done at all. Here, I am doing so because I need to highlight the fact that the whole concept of a daughter being considered a burden is based upon the fact that "beti ko dusre Ghar Jana hai". I mean so what? 

Sons and daughters both try their best to keep their parents and in-laws happy. But, I personally feel that the onus of keeping the family united without any hidden prejudices comes on the daughter herself. She can be the one who can help her parents understand their daughter-in-law in a better manner, more than the son. If a son speaks for his wife, he is thought to be taking sides. While a daughter can do this without fearing any criticism from the family.

So, daughters become the lifelines of many families. They have the power to keep the families united. They can remain financially independent and even support a family. They grow up to be women who give birth to children which is so far, the most difficult part of their lives. They love without measure. They do not think twice before offering their help to whoever is in need. Whether they be her own parents, in-laws, sisters or brothers. They are more an asset to the families, unlike the way they are often looked upon in general : a liability. 

#Daughters' day

P.S.: There are many aspects that can be highlighted here like what about families who only have sons and no daughters. However, my only intention here is to point out the fact that daughters are not a burden. They do not become paraya after marriage. In fact they become much more closer to their own families. They were, are and will always remain the core strength of their families.

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