First Google 'pv sindhu caste'; then applaud for the Medal
|   Aug 21, 2016
First Google 'pv sindhu caste'; then applaud for the Medal

As PV Sindhu bagged the first ever silver medal won by an Indian female in Badminton; everyone applauded her for her brilliant performance. She became instantly famous in India with everyone going gaga over her game and her friendly hug to her opponent Carolina Marin. 

But, what I came across in a recent report of Indian Express was quite shocking. It angered me to the core that Google had an altogether different aspect of this country to share with the world. 

Let me first provide the excerpts of the report to read below:

" ...'pv sindhu caste was a highly-searched term, peaking on August 20, 2016, after she won the silver medal in the finals. Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Haryana are the top three states where the phrase was searched for."


I mean as I came across the headline, I could not believe my eyes. I opened it only to feel so embarrassed about the whole caste system that is considered above any medal one brings to this country.

I will quote one more line from the above article itself that made me wonder how low can we stoop? 

"On Friday, a Twitter handle meant to ask for blood groups for patients put this out: #Hyderabad ONLY Kamma Caste Donors, O+ ve blood needed at Max Cure Hospital. 3 yr old CHILD. Pls call 8063266677. Aug 19. Via ShekarNews. While the handle apologised later, it does serve to show how matters of life and death can be put at stake because of a socially constructed menace."

It is a big SHAME! And what are we teaching our kids? I dare not think about it. We can see it in our daily lives. 

We waste so much food and money in watching movies every week but do not care to ask a child beggar if he or she has eaten? Do we do so because we do not bother about them? Or because they are poor? Or because they are unhygienic to touch? Or they may be linked to some criminal network? 

No! We do not have the time to give to someone who is not "us" right?. Someone "below" us in every which way! Even if that particular child one day wins us a good name in the world after struggling a lot, what we will then look at is his or her caste, right? 

It is ridiculous and I feel we must try to reduce this gap and teach our kids to reduce it too. Life is too small to maintain and focus on such silly differences. What matters is the skill; talent and hard work that will never ever leave us. 

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