Let's make 'sweet' memories together, my dear!
|   Sep 06, 2016
Let's make 'sweet' memories together, my dear!

It is not everyday that I see my better half doing kitchen chores. It is not like we believe that men are not meant for that job. His being busy with long office hours is also not the primary reason.

It is just that my husband is not a person who would pamper me with the bed tea or sweet nothings everyday. It has never been like that ever even before we had a baby. In that sense, we are quite a "practical" couple and my hubby dearest knows that just making a cup of tea won't anyway impress me like it does many others. 

Barring the days when I am extremely sick, tired or in my period days or when I was pregnant. In such special situations, he does most of the work of cleaning the house and washing the dishes (we do not have a maid). In such cases, sometimes, we order food from outside if I am not in a position to just push myself into the kitchen to prepare something.

However, if my stars are lucky some day, I do get to see the chef avatar coming up in him and knocking me out of the kitchen. It is mostly when we need to prepare a sweet dish. He is actually a big foodie and has a sweet tooth that has to be satiated every now and then. 

I am very different and poles apart as far as anything sweet is in the picture. That is why, preparing a dessert is always a draining task for me. It is only since we got married, I developed a liking for some of the sweets (well, blaming the extra kilos on those sweets, though). 

So, last weekend as I was preparing lunch, he suggested to make shahi tukda or double ka meetha from the bread slices that had not been used since around a day or two. (It is a sweet dish prepared by frying dry bread slices in ghee and then, soaking them in chashni or sweet thick syrup)

As soon as its preparation was planned, he got into the shoes of the chef and guided me with whatever help he required with the measurements. The whole process of frying the bread in ghee, making the chashni (sweet syrup) and Rabri that took about more than an hour requires a whole lot of patience. Like always, I felt amazed at his skill of cooking desserts.

Every time he does it, he becomes very well a halwai for that particular period of time and I cannot stop praising him for the "sweet" no(things) that he makes for all of us.

Once the dessert is prepared, he gulps down a bit for tasting it and gives a bigger bite to me. The praise just lies in a few words that are not over animated with the expressions of awe or surprise. 

The value is for something that we make together: the memories much sweeter than the dishes. I crave for these tiny moments that make the complex struggles of life feel somewhat, simpler. I value them and as and when they do come, I  wish to preserve them, forever. 

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