Why jodis (couples) in same professions must be respected
|   Nov 16, 2016
Why jodis (couples) in same professions must be respected

In my childhood days, there was a popular rhetoric floating around whenever the match of a doctor was to be found. People including my family used to say, "Doctors to doctor se hi shaadi karte hain" (Doctors always prefer to marry someone from the medical profession). I often heard this statement being made and it was made in a judgemental manner rather than giving a positive vibe. I grew up believing that how boring it would be for two persons of the same profession to live and commit for the whole life. I used to always imagine the cons of the same. Everything similar in professional life like work deadlines, thought process, and approaches to maximum things because both are taught to see things in a similar manner. It seemed to me the most monotonous and boring life and I had sternly decided that whatever profession I choose, my life-partner won't have the same one.

But as luck would have it, I fell for a person who was a to-be journalist like me. We had studied the course from the same college. We had several similar interests like reading, favorite authors, favorite songs, hobbies and of course, the professional lives that we were heading towards. While I decided to take a step forward, I used to pray every single time that things should not turn into a battleground at home due to similar professions or even the qualifications. I was reminded constantly about the "doctor marries doctor" philosophy and the critical way in which society in general thought about it. But gradually, after marriage I have realized that there are more advantages to a marriage between people with similar professions or qualifications than the cons attached to it. Let's shed the prejudices today and see what makes the similar professions count in the long-run:

1. Improved understanding:

You both understand the needs and requirements of the profession. So, there is nothing new for the spouse if you are required to work in night shifts or do an over-time every day. Your life-partner will understand such demands of your profession and in turn, encourage you to work even in odd conditions thus, becoming a support rather than a hindrance.

2. Compatibility:

You and your partner are compatible not only in emotional and home matters but also in the professional work that you do. You can help each other out, share your point of views, give suggestions in order to improve the work that you both do.

3. Guidance in changing jobs:

Every job has its own standing in the professional skill set that it belongs to. Since, you both belong to the same professions or have similar qualifications; you can also guide each other in the best possible manner while shifting jobs or places.

4. Discuss official issues and seek solutions together:

It feels more comfortable if you have to share a problem you have been facing at work which is purely based on the kind of profession you belong to. You can seek better solution from your partner if he or she is sure to understand your problem, thanks to similar professional environment/experience.

5. No explanations required:

You get the space to do your work even at home from your partner as he/she understands exactly what you are doing and how difficult it is. There are no extra explanations required as you both are aware about the important work that the other is doing. So, there is no scope of disturbance and no ill-feelings.

These are just some of the numerous advantages that I wished to list to do away with the prejudices of same-profession marriages. One more thing that I would like to point out is that every profession has different fields of specialization just like books have different genres. It may be that you are a fan of fiction writing and your partner loves biographies. But the point is both of you love to read and that is what is important. So, I totally discard the fact that two persons with the same qualifications and professions are not different in whatever their interest area or area of specialization is. That is what is different yet similar in such relationships and these are genuinely unique.

PS: I am in no way implying here that couples with different professions are incompatible or their marriages do not last. I just wish to say that the opposite of it is not at all monotonous and must be looked at respectfully too.


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