Be cautious with toddlers throughout the day!
|   Jul 26, 2017
Be cautious with toddlers throughout the day!


Safety of toddlers and kids is one of the important concern for parents, especially when living in a nuclear family where there are no grand moms and grand dads to keep an eye on them. There are some minor safety concerns that skip our mind unconsciously as we don’t pay heed to it but God forbid, they may be hazardous. Here are some basic things that need to be taken care of by parents with young ones above 6 months of age, until they are sensible enough. I am writing this blog especially for moms who are alone with their kids for the most part of the day and have to do other household chores at the same time, while taking care of their young ones. These are the areas where you need to be cautious for the safety of your kid. I have learned from by experience and now sharing it with you all through this blog.

  1. Make electricity plugs and switches baby safe-     one of the most important thing in any house with young kids that needs to be taken care of and which I fear the most are the electricity sockets and switches. How much dreadful electric current and short circuits are, we all are aware of it. So, it’s very important for us parents to make sure that firstly, these boards are out of reach for toddlers. If by any chance, these boards happen to be on lower side, then it is necessary to ensure that it is baby safe. By this I mean that nowadays, baby safe plugs are available in market that can be put in bare sockets, so that children don’t put their fingers in it. It is important to make this arrangement so that if you have some other work to do, at least you are sure that your child is safe even if he/she goes near it while playing.
  2. Keep windows locked-    second most important safety measure need to be taken by elders when there are young kids in the house is to ensure that windows of your rooms are locked, especially if you happen to live in a multi-storied building. I am pointing it out because we live on 2nd floor of a building and have a big window in our living room, which is becoming an area of interest for my 2 ½ years old toddler. For past few months she has been putting efforts to climb it anyhow and now succeeded in doing so, but it’s very dangerous. It’s a delight to watch your young ones involved in new activities everyday but at the same time, some of it may turn risky. I have to be very alert and cautious all the time, even if I am busy in other household work, just to ensure that she is safe and not climbing on the window. Also, do not keep tables, stools or any other elevated stuff near the window which kids can use as a tool to stand and climb. I was shocked to see how my daughter used her rocking horse toy to climb the window. Luckily the window was closed but she gave me a shocker. So, moms! This may lead to disarrangement of the decor of your room, but one cannot compromise on the safety of kids at any cost.
  3. Keep liquid cleaners and medicines out of reach-    another important thing that should be taken care of is that all the cleaning liquids, gels, medicines and other pointed items like scissors, knives, nail cutters etc should be kept at a place that is not reachable for tiny feet of your tiny tots. These liquids have chemicals and acids that are hazardous and children have a curiosity to put any new item in their mouth. So, be very careful moms! Most of these items do have a warning, “keep out of reach of children” and this warning should be taken seriously.
  4. Be careful with doors-    one thing that easily skips our minds is shutting doors without noticing that the finger of your kids could stuck in door’s hinge if the kid is nearby or if they happen to open or shut the door themselves. It could be dangerous. It’s better to use a door stopper when kids are playing around in the rooms. Also make sure that your child doesn’t lock himself or herself in any room. This could most commonly happen when children start using bathroom all by themselves. It is important for elders to be around at that time to ensure that they have shut the door partially. If possible, you should change the locking system of your bathroom doors and instead use latch and that too it should be on the upper side, just to make it safe for kids not to lock the door. This is a minor area of safety that we mostly ignore or rather it skips our mind.
  5. Careful use of electric appliances in front of children-    nowadays, almost all the household chores are done through electric appliances, so one should be very careful using it when kids are around. Of all these items, use of washing machines and iron should be done cautiously. If you have a front-loading washing machine and fully automatic, then kids can easily open it and put anything in it and may even switch it on. Make sure that the main switch is always off when machine is not in use. My daughter puts her toys in washing machine and few times I used it without having a look inside. And if your machine is semi-automatic then you have to be extra careful so that kids do not open it and put their hands inside while the machine is on. While using an iron, make sure that it cools down then only you leave it on ironing board when kids are playing around. One carelessness that frequently happens is that we forget to switch it off, at least it happened with me earlier but since my daughter started walking and once this negligence happened, I am now very careful while using an iron. Luckily, nothing tragic happened that day, but it taught me a lesson to be careful.
  6. Don't let children play with polythene bags all by themselves-    polythene bags could be dangerous if children put them as masks, covering their head and face. It may lead to suffocation as no oxygen passes to them at that time.

So, moms! These are the safety measures that I think are important when you are alone all day with your kids. I know most of the above pointed areas you all must already be aware of and must be dealing with, but I do hope if any of it skipped your mind, then my advice may be helpful to you.

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