|   Jun 16, 2017

Don't get me wrong, but as a mother, I am jealous with the father of my little kiddo.Carrying him in my womb for 9 months and being the first and prime care giver must give me an ad on advantage over his father who was not physically attached with him through placenta for 9 months and have not given the 24*7 care. Although I am very lucky becoz he helps a lot in taking care of the baby but a mother is always on duty 24*7. So in spite of being on superior level I am not the one my baby jump for, I am not the one my baby looks like, I am not the one my baby dearly wants all the time, and this makes me so jealous of my husband. 

Like seriously when ever his father enters the room, for my baby its nothing less than what a die hard fan does when his or her favorite celebrity enters. he will look at him so dearly as if asking him to be picked up right away, if not done so he will start crying like hell. and at the same time when ever I enter the room it just a casual smile given to me and again get busy in something, it is more like just another casual known person has came.

Once me and my husband went for some shopping for the baby leaving the baby with his grand parents, I was so worried and continuously checking the watch that we should go back he must be looking for me and all. But when we came I entered a lil earlier in the room and his  expression was like " hi mom you came good" and smiled, but after a while when his dad enters it was like, " where the hell have you gone leaving me, i was so damn missing you" and cried like anything. It didn't end here to spice it up all the family members laughed on me like a joke and start telling every relatives of ours like this was the funniest event on the earth. After so many months this is still the favorite story to tell and laugh on. All thanks to my baby.

I carried him for 9 months, went through horrifying labor pain, spent countless nights sleepless, but  my baby looks exact carbon copy of his father not even an ounce of mine is there in his face. Though my husband is a good looking man but still if something a tiny of feature would have been there in his face i would be happy but this is not so. 

Earlier I used to console myself saying that his dad is out for work and I am always in his reach so he jumps for him. But when I join back to work and went to office leaving him for long hours, coming back with the hope that this time he would jump for me for sure. After seeing him jumps for his father for months I was hoping so desperately that now finally i will also be in his wants book. But all my hope ruined when we both entered after work and he straight way went to his dad giving me as always casual smile. That day I left all hope that my son would also love me as dearly as I love him.These all incidences make me so jealous of my husband. But nonetheless one is my life and one is my world and my life just love my world. At the end both are mine only so its ok. I am sure he loves me dearly but just more excited about his dad's presence.

I am expecting more expression of love towards me also.So that was all about my jealousy. I am sure other moms must also be having some competitors for the love of their tiny lil bundle of joy do share your story with me, thank you for reading.

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