In an era where kids learn to say Phone before Mom, can Music be a tool to make them a Genius?
|   Oct 17, 2015
In an era where kids learn to say Phone before Mom, can Music be a tool to make them a Genius?

Last Sunday sitting at my dining table and figuring out how to calm my agitated little one and dilute her love for smartphone and tablets that was murdering the creativity of my budding star, stroked a cord within me, can music be the answer!

Music is a world with a language we all understand - Stieve Wonder

I pondered over the thought and realized why not, after all, music is a language, just like Hindi, English, Latin or French. Music can be therapeutic; after all it is the oldest and most widely used tools for mind relaxation.  Melody can be found in every aspect of our lives, researchers have indicated that melody affects people, especially children. Music kindles child development at intellectual, social and emotional level. It helps the body and the mind work together.

Researches have proved that when children learn to play music, their brains begin to hear and process sounds that was far from their reach otherwise thus  aiding them develop the neurophysiological difference between certain sounds that can help in improved academic results.

In our times the education system emphasizes on imitation and cramping and parents forced children to be restricted to those thus assassinating the creativity. Though we still have the same education system that emphasizes on grades at least the parents have evolved nowadays. They encourage overall development, cultivating creativity rather than focusing only on studies. Parent’s do not take music as a vocation, they consider it an integral part of the growth.

Apart from it music can serve as a career option for your kid with hordes of talent shows and competition that can provide as a platform for development of the little one. I agree that every child cannot become Abhijeet Sawant or Sunidhi Chauhan but the impact would exemplify its outcome in the long run.

Musical performance not only helps give them a chance to drive away stage fear and play to their strengths but also makes children multi-talented personalities. These serve as a morale booster and help in building up overall confidence and personality of progenies.

Conversely, the question that bothered me was as music is creativity, is it something that parents can nurture? Daniel Coyle in his famous book The Talent Code stated ‘Greatness isn’t born, it’s grown.’ Every child is born with the inherent ability to be creative; the only need is to identify it at the right moment. People assume that creativity is an inborn talent; however, the truth is creativity is more skill than inborn talent. So work on building this skill in your rockstar.

Through music children not only gain music skills, but also augment cognitive, motor, social, and emotional development. In short music can really have loads of positive impacts on your child and there is no downside in bringing children and music together. All the parents need to do is discover the kind of music that your child love and find a guru who can guide them but ensure that it should be something that children enjoy and will want to keep doing in years to come.

There is still time to swap the smartphones, tablets and XBOX games in your kid’s life with music lessons. Make music a part of your child's life and who knows; maybe they become the next Max Life Insurance’s I-genius.

In an era where kids learn to say Phone before Mom, can Music be a tool to make them a Genius? I leave it for you to decide and work on!

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