|   Oct 26, 2016

I had always been a career oriented girl before my daughter was born. A small write-up about how she changed my entire life :-

I was mad for my career

I wanted to make a place

For myself in the society

Had never ever thought in my wildest dreams,

that someday I would stop working

From 9am-6pm

And start working 24*7

I started learning Art

Teaching those art works

Which I never admired earlier!

At the same time

Feeling over-joyed seeing

The little angel smile in her sleep

Running as fast as a Cheetah

Even if she cried for a second

Pampered her to the core

She has started crawling now

She was my world now!

She has turned 5yrs now

Ah!Just cannot imagine how time flies!

She imitates me, she cuddles me

Has become so much mischievous & a bit stubborn

But still she is so soft & sweet

She is very innocent but mature at the same time!

Entire day she plays with her doll

Whole day she keeps singing her rhymes & teaching those to her doll

I use to dream all these for my daughter

And look!She has filled my world with loads of happiness

I never ever knew that life changes upside down after becoming a "Mother'"

And I love every Moment of this "Motherhood"!

Someone asked me someday

“What did you do by pursuing a degree

A professional degree like MBA

When you just had to sit back at home"!

I politely answered “ I learnt to prioritize,

Nurtured a life from scratch!

Created a family where there was happiness!

Invested my time into relationships!

An area which cannot be neglected!

You, my sweetheart, is my Incremented salary

My Bonus, my Perks, Allowances

which I encash every day

You are my world !!

I'm so thankful to Lord Almighty

For blessing with a darling daughter like " You" !

We wish you all the happiness that you deserve

May you shine & be one of the best daughter on this Earth !

My sweet little Doll, May all your dreams & wishes be fulfilled

Meri "Mannat"ki har mannat ho puri,yahi dua hai dil se aaj..!!

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